No One Cares when You Turn 6

When you’re a child, year five is a big birthday. You’re officially graduating from toddler-dom and becoming a real kid! Five-year-olds have spectacular birthday parties, full of colorful balloons, awesome games, bitchin’ presents, tons of friends, and high-fives all around for starting kindergarten.

Hell, at Post Launch last year to celebrate five years in business, we had a crazy house party and celebrated with everyone who’s ever worked here. It was a blast!

But what did we do this year to celebrate our sixth anniversary? Nothing. We did nothing.

Why 5 Years Is Such a Big Moment for Startups

It’s a scary, well-known statistics for business owners that 50% of startups will fail by the time they hit their fifth year. It can often be a struggle to maintain healthy employee retention and grow your revenue to stay afloat. If you’re a part of that #StartUpLife, you’ll know all too well the struggle.

So, of course when we hit that fifth year of being in business in 2018, we had to celebrate and do it big! We invited all our past and current team members, their families, and our favorite partners and clients to celebrate with good food, a cool pool, and a great view of Las Vegas at our backs. It was a grand old time to honor some hard work in the digital marketing space. 

…but then no one cares when you turn 6

Sometimes it seems like parents don’t care as much about that sixth birthday. “Big whoop, we had a big party for you last year, Billy, here’s a cupcake and $6.”

This year, we too let our anniversary on July 11 come and go without the blink of an eye. Perhaps we were working too hard on our clients’ campaigns, or maybe it just wasn’t in the budget to throw another rager.

However, we still want to celebrate our accomplishment of passing that five-year mark, honor the team that keeps the digital marketing success going, and thank our partners and clients for their continued support. We want to pat ourselves on the back for just being awesome—no matter how belated the celebration is.

Things to Celebrate That Are 6 Years Old

To share in the celebration of turning six, here’s a list of some other things that turn six years old in 2019 and deserve some recognition:

  • Nothing Was the Same by Drake
  • Distractify website
  • Prince George (Born July 22, 2013)
  • Realty Mogul website
  • Viral videos/ trends, The Harlem Shake and What Does the Fox Say
  • The 20/20 Experience by Justin Timberlake
  • Dax Shephard and Kristen Bell’s marriage
  • North West (Born June 15, 2013)

Here’s to More Milestone Years in the Biz

We love what we do here at Post Launch. So much so, that we forgot to celebrate our birthday. Well, here’s to more years in the digital marketing industry, and here’s a big thank you to all our clients, coworkers, and supporters throughout the years. That means you, mom!

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