The Newest Marketing Tools for the Busy Business Owner

2017 internet marketing calendar

If you’ve been utilizing internet marketing strategies for your business, you probably know lots of web marketing tools you can use. There are hundreds of them (some better than others). If you don’t know about the most basic and free online marketing tools you can use, find a list of some of the best internet marketing tools. If you’re looking for something new to really take your business internet marketing to the next level, however, look no further. We’ve got a list of the newest and shiniest online marketing tools for small business.

New Internet Marketing Tools 2017

Longtail Suggest

If you are looking for good quality SEO tools, SEMRush and Moz definitely dominate the space. But one of the newest SEO friendly tools you can try is Longtail Suggest, a way to discover thousands of long-tail keywords for your business. And the best part is: it’s free. It’s one of the best alternatives to Google keyword analytics, even though we would never want to put Google down.


This website/app is a smart way to curate content from your industry by searching multiple websites at once. Panda5 is now on its fifth edition of the app (hence the name we guess). Every time they update, it gets better and better. This app even has a built-in bookmarking tool, so you can keep track of what your competition is doing and access it anytime with their Chrome extension.


If content marketing is your forte in the internet marketing world, you probably know the HubSpot blog generator or other similar websites that can inspire new blog topic ideas. Zest is the newest way to get inspired, and it helps you by finding the latest blog posts in your industry. You can customize your feed and easily find the blogs you want—all you have to do is add the Chrome extension.

Divi 3.0 and Ucraft

Divi and Ucraft are both website creation tools. Divi is WordPress template that you can use to completely (and easily) customize your own WordPress site. Divi has been around for awhile, but Divi 3.0 just arrived, and it’s “something bigger and better than we had ever built before.”

Ucraft, on the other hand, is a brand spanking new website builder that is SEO friendly, easy to use, and comes with free cloud hosting. You can use it for business, personal, travel, art, and anything in between.

Professionals use many internet marketing tools these days. It’s impossible to keep track of all of them. But the best ones tends to stand out from the pack, and we suggest you start there. These new marketing tools listed above are some of the newest tools on the internet, but they just might wind up being some of the best for your business. Give them a go and contact Post Launch with any internet marketing questions you may have for your business.

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