A New Post Launch Marketing Website: Bigger, Better, and Wittingly Brilliant

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The new Post Launch website has launched, and we want YOU to be the first to know about it!

That’s right folks; a new online marketing website is here. Featuring a new Meet the Team page, services page descriptions and case study pages, this bad boy even comes complete with a moving rocket ship on the home page! The smoke is moving, but you get the idea.

Why It’s Important to Regularly Update Your Website

The crew here at Post Launch did not just decide one day willy nilly to create a new website and then spend the next three and a half months writing new content for no good reason. Trust us; the time spent on this website was not for nothing.

It’s important to keep your website updated and with the times if you want your business to continue to succeed online. Any website that is not mobile optimized or has an out-of-date content management system needs an update. But that is not the only reason to keep your website updated.  

Website design

Just like your household, keeping your website updated is essential if you don’t want to look old and outdated. And no one really wants to look outdated (except maybe the old men still wearing the sock sandal combo. Those guys don’t give two craps on a stick). Although no one can see your dirty laundry, everyone in the world can see your website if they hit the right search.

When it comes to updating your website look, you want to keep the design fresh and contemporary. Updating your website design can be something as simple as a new paint job or as complicated as complete kitchen remodel, it all depends on what you want, how much money you got, and how much work your current website needs.

Website evolution

Business evolves. At least, successful business evolves. A business website should evolve accordingly. If your business added new services, your website should reflect this. If you decided to start selling products in your business, your website should use an updated e-commerce platform. We could go on and on. But the point is, your website should evolve as your business evolves. Not reflecting your business growth on your website is a, how do you say it, YUGE mistake.

Here at Post Launch, business has been growing. Our internet marketing services expanded. And we want to properly introduce the world to the latest Post Launch evolution. We’ll call it Post Launch 2.0, bigger better and wittingly brilliant.

But why are you still reading this? Go and explore the new Post Launch website launch now. Stop by our Meet the Team page to meet the latest Post Launchers making the internet happen here in Las Vegas, NV.

Are you thinking about revamping your business website? It’s probably about that time if you are staring at a flashback of 2003 every time you type in your URL. Remember: It’s a good idea to talk to an internet marketing firm before calling your web developer. Get your web marketing strategy from Post Launch, and it will be easier to keep updating your website in the future, even when 2016 starts to look like a flashback, too.

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