The Nerds Are Back to School! What It Means to Be a Google Partner

Post Launch is a certified Google Partner

Have you seen the Google Partner badge on a digital marketing agency’s website and wondered what it means? When you see the Partner badge, you can rest assured that your marketing is in good hands. After all, Google Partner status isn’t handed out to just anyone. It has to be earned.

What Is the Google Partners Program?

The Google Partners program is a globally recognized certification program for advertising companies, digital marketing professionals, and other digital consultants who manage Google AdWords accounts. Those wanting to become a Partner must demonstrate skill and expertise in AdWords through certification exams, meet spend requirements, and maintain a standard of performance across their campaigns.

In addition to the basic Partners program, Google has also introduced a new Premier Partner badge which Google awards to outstanding Partners “who manage a substantial portfolio of Google advertising campaigns and deliver great results for their customers.”

So, what does it mean for digital marketing?

Marketers who meet the Google partner requirements receive a badge they can display on their website. When a visitor sees the badge, they know that they’ll be working with a company who’s adept with Google’s AdWords and Analytics platforms.

Certified Google Partners can increase brand awareness and improve sales by delivering users searching for products and services to your website. Furthermore, they can take the guesswork out of advertising and show their clients a return on their investment. Why? Google Partners have been trained to optimize your ad placements, research the best keywords, and use best practices to maximize their clients’ investments and provide them with a flexible, customized advertising solution.

However, if a marketing agency doesn’t maintain Google’s requirements for partner status, they can have their badge removed. Removing badges ensures that marketing companies maintain a high standard of service regardless of when they earned Partner status.

Why Should You Choose a Google Partner?

Simply put, working with a certified Google Partner helps you rest assured that a Google AdWords advertising expert with the necessary experience, skills, and qualifications to manage your campaign. Your ads will target the right market for your products and services, they’ll follow Google’s best practices and, ultimately, make your business more profitable. Partners also have direct access to Google employees to answer any questions they or their clients may have.

We at Post Launch are very proud to be one of few locally-owned Google Adwords partners in Las Vegas. When you work with us, you’ll not only get an agency that’s qualified by Google, but also one that offers its own guarantee of high-quality service. Not convinced yet? Contact us today to schedule a free consultation for your business.

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