Who Needs a Successful Video Marketing Strategy Anyway?

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When it comes to your video marketing, are you just reaching too many people? It can be annoying having to engage with all those potential customers and having to entertain the possibility of a new sale. We get it. You have better things to do with your time, like improving your short game on the golf course or catching up on those episodes of Game of Thrones. Seriously, have you watched that show? Each episode is like, an hour long. So to help you solve your problems, we have come up with ways for you to drive customers away through your video marketing campaigns.

Quickly Lower Your Subscriptions with These Tips

Only Create a Couple of Videos a Year

People are more prone to subscribe and engage with channels constantly putting out new content. Especially if the content being uploaded talks about diverse topics, companies are more inclined to grow their viewership and subscriptions. The top percent of YouTube channels average over 100 videos on their channels. Since you are not looking for this kind of success, we recommend that you produce as little content as possible. This will be your quickest way to ensure that your company channel receives as little engagement as possible.

Make Your Content Hard to Find

Since your customers are 10 times more likely to share video content compared to blogs and social posts, the more ways your customers have to view your videos the more you are going to have to engage with them. To avoid this, clearly unwanted task, you should avoid having your videos on more than one platform. This means you definitely do not want to embed your videos on your websites or upload them to your social media platforms.

Engagement on your videos, whether through YouTube or social media, is a crucial aspect to your marketing strategies. You should do as little of that as possible. This will save you from the daunting task of driving your brand and sales in a positive direction.

Have a Vague or No Call-to-Action at the End of Your Videos

Since the ultimate goal is to gain as little success as possible from your video marketing, you should have a vague or absent call-to-action (CTA) at the end of your videos. This will ensure that all potential business will be cut short at your videos, and your customers will not feel the need to visit your website or inquire about more information.

If you follow these tips, we are confident you will be successful in achieving your goal of having as few customers as possible through your video marketing. Unfortunately, here at Post Launch, everything we do tends to have the opposite effects. So, if for some odd reason, you are looking to develop a compelling video marketing strategy, get in touch with this SEO and web presence marketing company.

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