More Than Just SEO


Hi, Geoff Radcliffe here from Post Launch, in beautiful, sunny Las Vegas. I wanted to take a few minutes and introduce to you our company. Post Launch is one-year-old now, servicing hundreds of clients all over the world in the space of Web Presence Marketing. A lot of people ask me what Web Presence Marketing is. They say: “Don’t you mean SEO?”
Yes and no.

SEO is a small portion of overall Web Presence Marketing. The concept of SEO is actually to take your website and optimize your existing website brand, service, platform or mobile app for what people are actually searching for online. That’s search engine optimization.

After we’ve gone through and have perfected your website for what we actually need to target, then we enter it into the space of Web Presence Marketing, which means we need to create a bunch of content to make sure that people find your site. Not just through search volume, but people actually search in different ways. Consider how much time you spend on Facebook, how much time you’re on Twitter, how many blog articles you read, news articles, videos, everything you consume is all a matter of web presence.

We actually embrace the process of creating as much content as we possibly can, relevant to your brand and interesting to your audience, so that they can find your site or brand or mobile app, or service.

Give us a call if you got any questions. Be sure to subscribe to this channel, and we look forward to seeing you more. Bye.”

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