Monthly Marketing Tips: Social Media Marketing

Monthly Marketing Tips: Social Media Marketing

The social media marketing recipe is easy to follow. But if it’s not done right, the results can be disappointing, like attempting one of those Facebook video recipes. We’ve got some tips to keep in mind so your social media content comes out delicious every time.

Social Media Marketing Tips

#Every #Word #In #A #Post #Does #Not #Need #A #Hashtag

Hashtags are used to optimize search results for social media users. They used to be exclusive to Twitter but, like toxic green mold, have spread to other social media platforms. The overused and abused hashtag is suffocating search results.

Businesses and Internet celebrity wannabes made hashtags a crucial part of their social media marketing strategy. Hoping to catch their target audience’s eye, they applied a hashtag to #every #single #word #in #a #post. The result? Like the pound after Brexit, the hashtag is not as strong as it used to be.

Hashtag wisely. If you’re a pizza company opt for a something short and sweet like #FoodPorn. More people are searching for this phrase when they’re hungry, rather than #PIzzaItsWhatsForDinner.

Share the right stuff

That video BuzzFeed posted about the kitten raised by a gorilla might be cute and your followers will like it (come on, it’s kittens), but guess what? After watching, they’re going to head on over to BuzzFeed for more adorable baby animal videos instead of your website for dental implants.

Social media marketing companies have a golden rule: All posts lead back to your website. So if it’s kittens they want, it’s kittens they’ll get. Write a blog post about five ways a new set of dental implants will have you feeling young again with so many photos of baby animals plastered all over, it’ll look like a 6-year-old’s bedroom walls. Okay, maybe that’s a bit much, but you get the point.

Join the party

You don’t go to a networking event and stand against the wall with your plate of hors d’oeurves then go home expecting a call from a potential employer, do you? It kind of works the same way with social media marketing. It’s not enough to post amazing content but to comment on other people’s stuff, reply to comments on your posts, and join networks. Be active!

Facebook groups and Twitter lists are a delicious buffet of people with similar interests. Hunker down, do some research, and join a few networks. Then start engaging with other users. If it’s done right, they’ll dig what you’re throwing out there, like or follow your page, and eventually visit your business.

Post timely content

It’s not enough to post consistently, post up-to-date content too. Look for events, holidays, or current events to post about. Your content about getting a facial for a big Valentine’s Day date will stand out more than a repeat special offer post from another spa. Use tools to schedule out posts geared toward specific holidays or events, so you don’t miss the opportunity.

Tips and Tricks with Social Media Management

If the creative juices aren’t flowing, head over to Post Launch’s blog for tips on posting timely, delicious content.

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