Mobile before Beauty: Optimus Prime Your Website

importance of mobile optimization

Two years or so into mobilegeddon and many have moved from their archaic website to something more simpatico for smartphone users. While collectively, some sites are better, there’s still work to do. Mobile optimization is really just beginning, even with its importance nearly realized.

If you need to get one thing out of this diatribe, your website needs to be Optimus Prime, mobile and badass. (Even if we are sick of Michael Bay bleeding these robots dry.)

Optimus prime your website


What’s next for mobile-friendly websites in 2017?

2017: The Year of the Mobile-first Index

Google goons released recently that their newest algorithm update will rank sites according to the mobile optimization of their content, including people searching the Internet on their desktop. That means Google is prioritizing sites that are NOT the prettiest or the snazziest but the most convenient for mobile users on the go, on the john, or on their way to your store.

It’s not about being the prettiest. It’s about being the mobile-est.

Even if you don’t have a mobile site (GASP), Google will still index your site. What is indexing? Picture Google and their Google autobots like a library, and every page published on your website is filed away as information and fodder for your owned media, your shelf on the Internet. What’s changing about this index process is that Google is now indexing from the focal point of mobile.

Google index like a library

Why have a mobile friendly website?

If you’re still asking this question, you are missing the point and probably don’t understand your audience. More people THAN EVER are using their phones to find what they need. You HAVE to make your site, services, and products easy to find and/or purchase or ELSE.

The important question is: Will NOT having a mobile website affect my rankings?

The convoluted answer: Too early to tell.

Our humble, humble, humble opinion? YES. Maybe not immediately but in the long run.

This update to Google is happening soon. Ish. Probably summer. We recommend you start looking at your options now, though.

What are my options now then?

The good news is that Google does recommend going the responsive approach as opposed to customizing every page on your site. Responsive means that the site will adapt on EVERY platform it’s on.

Bad new is this does not mean you can create less content. Your blog content, onsite content, etc. still needs to answer the questions your audience is asking however thoroughly necessary for you to rank above other websites answering the same question. The reader experience, though, does need consideration.

Shorter paragraphs. Pithier phrases. Clear calls-to-action all apply to mobile optimization.

After all this hard work, guess what? You still will not see immediate results. Any SEO company who promises you immediate results is pulling your leg.

How can I test my mobile optimization?

This one is easy. Google offers a FREE mobile-friendly test. It’s easy, and it gives you a quick way of submitting your site for indexing when you’ve just launched your site.

Website is mobile friendlyMaking the Most of Your Mobile Optimization

If after all of this talk about mobile and Google indexing and mobile optimization has sent you into a downward spiral and you’re pretty sure it’s the end of the world and only autobots can save you now, it’s a sure sign that you need a consultation or search engine optimization assistance from the Vegas web nerd gang. Don’t wait until a sunburn or the Google settles.

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