Medical Marijuana Marketing Success

Medical marijuana was legalized in Nevada in 2000, and 15 years later the first Nevada medical marijuana dispensaries finally opened their doors. Dispensaries opening their doors across Nevada was the beginning of what is already shaping up to be a billion dollar industry in the state of Nevada. And with business comes marketing. That’s where Post Launch comes in. When medical marijuana dispensaries first opened in Las Vegas, Post Launch quickly established itself as a premier medical marijuana marketing firm by working with one of the most premier medical marketing dispensaries.


When Post Launch began working as the marketing firm for one of the first medical marijuana dispensaries to open in Las Vegas, our mission was to ensure this dispensary dominated the online space for medical marijuana in Las Vegas. From ranking on the first page of Google for all major keywords to establishing a strong social media presence, Post Launch strategized and executed an all encompassing web presence marketing strategy for this client.


Post Launch first began working on this campaign 6 months before the dispensary opened their doors to the medical marijuana patient community. Our first marijuana marketing strategy was to create and optimize over 50 pieces of content for their website, 30 common condition descriptions, and 200 strain (product) descriptions. Our team thoroughly researched the ins and outs of the medical marijuana industry, how beneficial it is for medical marijuana patients, the research on marijuana medicinal effects, and marijuana legislation in Nevada and the country.

Post Launch then launched and promoted the dispensary’s social media accounts, including building followers/likes, engaging with Nevada and traveling patients, and adhering to Facebook’s strict guidelines on marijuana promotion.

Post Launch then gave the marijuana marketing campaign the boost it needed through providing a complex content marketing and SEO strategy. This strategy included creating and regularly posting unique and SEO friendly blog articles that would engage their readers, and syndicating this content to their multiple online platforms. Post Launch also acquired backlinks from established media news outlets and other high authority websites reporting on medical marijuana in Las Vegas, and launched an email marketing campaign to top off the complex dispensary marketing campaign we developed.


Three months after the Las Vegas dispensary opened their doors, Post Launch got their website to rank on Google’s first page of results for their target keyword and placed their website on the first page for 150 similar keywords/queries. During this time, the dispensary’s website garnered over 15,000 sessions and almost 35,000 pageviews. But this didn’t stop Post Launch from continuing to push their marijuana marketing strategies to the next level.

One year later, these are the results of the Post Launch medical marijuana marketing campaign:

  • The dispensary website has over 630 pages indexed by Google
  • The website earned over 57,000 website sessions and 124,000 pageviews in Q4 of 2016
  • The website earned over 260,000 impressions and over 40,000 clicks in Q4 of 2016
  • The website appears on the first page for over 820 keywords/queries
  • The dispensary website ranks the best for 100+ high volume keyword searches with a visibility score almost double of the next closest competitor.
  • Their average email open rate and click rate is higher than industry standard
  • Twitter earned over 153,000 impressions in Q4 of 2016
  • Facebook earned almost 50,000 total reach in Q4  of 2016

The marijuana marketing campaign Post Launch developed for this premier medical marijuana dispensary show that they dominate the online space for medical marijuana in Las Vegas, NV. Post Launch took their marijuana marketing campaign to the next level and will only continue to help this client break the boundaries of online marketing in the marijuana space.

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