Marketing Research for the Holidays: Tips From a Las Vegas Web Marketing Firm


It’s scary, isn’t it? Halloween is almost here. After that, a furious wave of other holidays that will be inundating your customers’ inboxes, mailboxesand eyeballs. How will your web presence marketing rise above? And more than that, how will your online marketing remain stable during a tumultuous season? First and foremost, achieve marketing prowess and marketing research during the shopping season with tactics and content to awe and not to frighten. Follow that mantra and these three steps to ensure your web marketing makes a difference.

Promotions that entertain. 

This means more than a typical Santa or elf collective. You’ll need to put some creative effort into your winter, Halloween slogans and Thanksgiving marketing campaigns. Research your audience first. Find out if they are looking for something more like Hallmark or Coco Cola. Possibly, they may like something a bit more humorous like M&Ms classic “They do exist” commercial. Whatever the audience, take the time to do the marketing research.

Products that entice.

Unfortunately, you cannot try to sell all your fruitcake just to get it off the shelves. Sell your best product or service that is relevant to the season. Does your business sell ground coffee beans? Promote the best holiday flavors and don’t try to promote any new-fangled flavors. Here’s looking at you, Starbucks. This may go without saying, but someone has to say it. Don’t try out your new recipe during the most competitive shopping season. Stick with what you know and promote it in a new light.

Content that amazes. 

Speaking of casting a fresh light on your product or service, all the content that surrounds your seasonal promotions cannot be flimsy or half-researched. Your content is battling other content so your content must be well-equipped. Plan how many blog posts, videos and coordinating social posts and social media marketing efforts will go into your holiday marketing. The advantage of the holidays is your scope of content is narrowed. You know what you need to create. The difficult part is how and how often. Depending on your current marketing research, be sure to make time for competitor analysis. What are your internet frenemies doing well but you could do better?

When in doubt, call, email or radio signal your favorite Las Vegas web marketing agency for some market research tactics and strategies.

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