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content marketing on valentine’s day

Unfortunately, we can’t all be blessed with the most gorgeous and happy movie-ready romance in time for Valentine’s Day. Some of us merely find solace in scrolling through Facebook envying our way-too-perfect couple friends or binge-watching the latest Netflix original series alone in bed. Sad story, bro.

Instead of sulking in your own lonely filth this Valentine’s Day, exert your energy trying to improve another relationship you have—your content marketing.

Treat Your Website Right This Valentine’s Day

If you’re stuck at home this Valentine’s Day and want to spend some time improving your web presence, follow these tips for the best content optimization.

Wine and dine it

Treat your website like your best date. Start by giving it the most quality stuff. Just think about it like this: If you want to impress a girl (or guy; we don’t discriminate here,) you buy her (or him) nice things. You spend a lot of money and give a plethora of different gifts to make them swoon.

Think of your company’s website the same way. You want to adorn your boo with the most quality content and blog writing. Make your pieces credible and relevant to your field. Make it creative and engaging. If not, the Google Bots will turn their noses up to your cheap gift, and probably regift it to another search engine that probably still won’t want it.

Take your time with it

Don’t rush the romance! Your wife will probably be livid if she knows you waited until last minute to get the last batch of crumply flowers from the grocery store on your way home from work. Just like with your significant other, you may want to take your time and plan out a thoughtful—gift.

With content marketing, you need a well-thought-out marketing strategy. Think of what your audience needs, what it really wants. You gotta give ‘em what they want, kid. Don’t just think about yourself, okay?

Say the right stuff

Along with your marketing strategy, you’ll need to plan out how you’ll say the right things. Incorporate the best, most relevant keywords to get ranking. And, before you post, reread your stuff and do a spell check, for goodness sake! You’ll disappoint even the most rudimentary readers if you can’t get your “yours” correct.

Brag about it to your friends

After you create the best content and publish it to your site, you have to let somebody know about it, right? Go public like you did with your girlfriend after she begged you to change your status on Facebook.

Compliment yourself and your content creation by spreading the word on social media. Don’t be shy or ashamed about your relationship with your website. Let the world know how much you love it!

You Need What We’ve Got

Content is king. Your web presence will disappear without it. If you’re not into all this content marketing mess, don’t worry—that’s where our web nerds come in. Tell us about your business and we’ll treat your website the way it deserves to be treated.

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