Making Green While Everything Turns Brown: Holiday Web Presence Marketing

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You finally feel comfortable with your company’s marketing strategy. Specific keywords are generating traffic, end of summer deals were a success, and you have a consistent email campaign. Surprise! That just is not enough during the holidays.

Stepping up your holiday web presence marketing will get your business seen by the larger, holiday-shopping audience. Some specific companies have had very successful holiday marketing ideas in the past.

Best Holiday Marketing Campaigns

REI: #OptOutside

It may seem counterintuitive, but REI’s holiday marketing campaign hinged upon closing its retail locations for one day. In an email to customers, REI announced all retail locations and offices would be closed on Black Friday.

The email encouraged customers to follow their lead and take the day off from working and shopping and, instead, #OptOutside. Employees and customers shared how they spent their day outside by using the hashtag (did someone say free, community-lead marketing?).

HBO: 12 Days of HBO Now

In the spirit of giving, HBO allowed their users to share 12 episodes of their shows with anyone and everyone they wanted to. Not only did this open their web presence marketing strategy up to use holiday-based keywords and holiday generosity, but it was also an opportunity to give a “sample” of their service to potential customers.

Holiday Web Presence Marketing Tips

Focus locally

Your community has specific holiday events and charities your company can take part in. Reach out to them and become a sponsor or partner and create local, charity-focused holiday marketing ideas.

Don’t forget to change your hours on all sites that point to your business to include temporary holiday hours for your local customers!

Build holiday content

Once you’ve created holiday deals and taken part in a charity, create content that highlights it. Design holiday-themed newsletters and website banners that catch the customer’s eye and tell them something new about your business.

Change your keywords

During the holidays, people are searching for gifts, recipes, decoration, deals, and free shipping. Capitalize on the change and use those words in your content created specifically for the season so you can be found!

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and behind in holiday marketing preparation, we understand. Contact Post Launch to get control of your web presence marketing and begin your holiday campaign planning for 2017!

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