Why is this Las Vegas SEO Company Talking About Memes?

memes everywhere

Nice, succinct and up in your grill… Ready… Are you sitting down? Probably not. (Your ADHD prevents it.)

Content marketing meme with Michael Phelps and sick burn.

50% of your audience won’t read more than 100 words of what you’ve written. That means that the hour you took to write your last, informative, inspiring, timely, well-architected and beautiful bit of prose is going to be totally wasted on your audience.

Content marketing meme with "great joke bro."

Seriously—not even joking. 

Personally, we blame Twitter. Thanks for helping us keep it tight, yo! Also, now Twitter developers realize that they made the whole country less inclined to educate themselves if the content isn’t less than 140 characters and we all have to resort to living our life from picture to picture with smart ass comments overlaid. Twitter, realizing the errors of their petty, pithy ways, is now trying to backpedal in the epic fashion by expanding content to 10,000 characters, looking to expand their content limitations.

Content marketing meme with old lady looking at computer, pedaling backwards.

But times, they are a-changin’…

Content marketing meme, England number one.

Content marketing (and the ever evolving digital marketing sphere) isn’t what it once was. These days, we must be clever, funny, hateful, sexy or contradictory to receive the attention we so desperately want. To rise above the noise to become the signal, we turn more and more to these images and text mash-ups to get people’s attention and to cause a reaction, whether harmless or not in nature.

Recently at Post Launch, we did some experimentin’: We published only meme‘s for a client’s social media posts for a month and did normal content (blog shares) on Facebook and Twitter for an identical business type in two different markets. You probably already guessed it, but the meme’s posted had better than a 400% engagement with just this one simple experiment.

Content marketing meme about science.

Why the extra engagement? Because memes are super easy to share and your audience is kind of super lazy. We’re pretty sure you aren’t reading anymore anyway. But for the four of you still holding tough, here is the crux…

You ready?

Content marketing meme with Unicorn man.

People aren’t reading your long articles. Well written or not, we just don’t have time for that. Sorry folks. So when it comes to marketing content or your website, we get all hung up on search engine optimization, which often requires 1500+ words proving to the robots behind the scenes at Google that you are really smart.

Google bots don’t buy what’s selling, though. Do they call your company and give you money? Seriously, do they? If they do, please let us know how you figured that out.

You need to consider humans from time to time when writing your content, so take some time. Mix it up. Try something clever.

Try something clever for your SEO. Try something new.

Content marketing meme with Dave Chappelle and free crack

Yes, free crack in the form of content marketing expertise. We all love memes. Let’s stop hating on them and make them part of our efforts. They are super fun, easy to share, and you don’t even have to make your own. So, get your lazy arse online, Google image search something funny, use the meme and embrace the meme.

When it comes to web and content marketing, Post Launch relies on more engaging ways to get people’s attention. Don’t worry we also kick ass at it. Time to rise above the noise and make something out of your company.

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Here are two bonus memes (because we love you…and I’ve got 30 minutes before my next appointment).

Content marketing meme with Steve Carell
Content marketing meme about Edward from Twilight going to high School instead of curing cancer.

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