How Video can Launch your Marketing to Success

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People want videos. They are easy to interact with and deliver information quickly. A video that is high-quality and has a captivating call to action may lead a viewer to your website. Traffic from videos is successful, 90 percent of consumers say videos help them make their final decision. Creating videos is easy, just know your audience.

Why use Video?

A video can be 53 times more likely to appear on the first page of Google rather than a text article. Consumer engagement is longer and deeper with videos than any other type of visual content. Videos are able to tell a story using visuals, plain-old text can’t do that. 

Reasons you Should be Using Video Marketing

Your marketing strategy should include videos because people watch and interact with videos more often. A video is a simple way to grab your audience’s attention. Simplicity is key.

Boosts Conversions and Sales

Having product videos on your landing page can increase your conversion by 80 percent. People are curious and always have questions, what better way to answer all their questions than a video! 74 percent of consumers that watched an explainer-video ended up buying the product. 

Videos Build Trust

Content marketing relies on trust and long-term relationships. When people trust a product or a company, they are more likely to continue buying from them. Videos spark our emotions and will sway our opinions based on the content. People may not trust buying things online, that is why a video can help your customers trust your product. 57 percent of consumers said, watching a product video helped them gain the confidence to make online purchases.

Google is Crazy about Videos

Videos can help increase the amount of time consumers spend on your website. If you have a video on your website you are more likely to show up first on Google. Also, the longer someone spends on your site, the more trust they are gaining. 

Mobile Users and Videos

90 percent of people today watch videos on their phones. Google says that smartphone users feel more connected to a product when they watch a video on their phones. Post explainer videos or live videos to explain your product on your company’s social media page!

Videos Explain

If you are launching a new product or service, create a video to explain how it works. The majority of users watch explainer-videos to better understand the product they are about to invest in. Be creative with your videos. The more creative your video is the more someone will want to interact with it. 

Lazy People Love Videos

Reading text requires effort, watching videos does not. A consumer can turn on a video and have it playing in the background. Usually, consumers want to see a product being used in order to decide if they want to buy it. 

Videos Travel Fast

If we enjoy a video or find it useful we will share it with our friends. When videos are shared they can increase the traffic to a certain site. It is more likely that someone will share a video rather than text. We are visual creatures, feed us videos!

User-Generated Videos

These are videos that consumers post to their social media accounts that show them using your product. People trust people, so when they see other people using your product it will incline them to try out yours. A video from a consumer will humanize your company. 

We Know the Secret to Video Marketing

Post Launch is a web presence marketing firm dedicated to finding better solutions for your company’s online marketing. We not only know the secret to video marketing but also dabble in a lot more avenues. Give us a call and we will be more than happy to share our secrets! 

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