How to Motivate Your Team During a Big Project

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Sometimes work throws a really big project on your lap and you have to be ready to go. Your boss tells you and your co-workers that they need all hands on deck and suddenly you’re dreading what’s coming next. 

As a boss how are you supposed to rally up your team and get them excited to do work? What are the ways you can talk about this project that won’t make them fall asleep? Also, you want to make sure your employees aren’t too stressed out. 

It may be hard for your team to focus when there’s a heavy workload. You never know what your employees may be going through on their personal time and you just threw them more work. 

Here are some tips on how you can get your team motivated and excited to work on new projects!

Tips to Motivate Your Team

Positive Vibes

As a manager, you want to check your own “vibes.” If you aren’t feeling so positive yourself, you need to find a way to bring out that energy. Your team can tell if you aren’t feeling confident. In order for you to lead your employees you need to feel motivated and excited; why would your employees feel excited if you weren’t?

You want to think about why the project you assigned is important and its benefits. When employees see that a project has purpose they are more motivated to work on it to get it done. Also, when they see the benefits that come from completing the project they might work a little harder.

Be Empathetic

Here is where you want to tell your team why the project has meaning and what is the goal while completing the project. Also, be honest with your team, tell them how much work it’s actually going to take to complete the work. Empathize with your team members and tell them the work may be hard, but I’m going through it with you. Let them know you have their back and that you’re all in this together! 

Break up the Work

Think about cutting the project into chunks so your employees can feel like they have accomplished part of the project. By setting short term goals, your employees will produce good work and feel more confident throughout the project. Cutting the project in chunks also helps make the project not feel like it’s dragging along. 

Make sure to put enough time in between the chunks so your employees feel like they have enough time and aren’t rushed. You also want to give your team feedback on their work and let them know they are on the right track. 


Incentives can help keep a team motivated. Since we just talked about dividing the project into chunks, you may reward your employees after every chunk. By rewarding your team, this also helps with employee engagement. If an employee knows there are rewards involved this may push them to work harder. Gift cards or small prizes may help your team feel good when completing parts of the project. 

Keep it Loud

You can often feel when your employees are anxious or struggling when they stop talking or by their facial expressions. The minute your employees go silent, that may be a bad sign. It may mean that they are struggling or overwhelmed. You want to talk to your team and create an environment that they enjoy working in and feel comfortable asking questions. 

Be There

Always be reachable. If an employee feels like they can’t reach you to ask a question, they may feel lost or may stop working as hard. You want to be present so they are able to ask you questions whenever they need help. Your work environment should always remain positive. 

Start Motivating! Remember to:

  • Keep your own energy in check – stay positive, it keeps your team positive.
  • Divide the work into chunks and set goals. 
  • Encourage and push your team to do their best.
  • Give your team tips on how to keep their days productive.

Motivate and spread positive energy throughout your team and create a work culture they are excited to be a part of!

It’s Not Rocket Science

At Post Launch, we understand that what we do may not be rocket science, mainly because we don’t work on rockets or do science experiments. We strive to make our work environment positive and fun. Just ask our launchers, they can’t wait to come into work! Our fuel comes from helping people like you, so give us a call!

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