How to Add a Spark to Your Content Strategy

Fourth of July occurs every year. The holiday generally includes the same things: fireworks, American beer and barbecues. If you’re fortunate, this holiday may also include a swimming pool. What makes holidays fresh every year? Why do people continuously look forward to the annual celebrations and what can we learn from these occasions?

Whether it’s social media or content strategy, your content requires certain foundational features to ensure a consistent, loyal audience and conversions. You want people to look forward to your content, not dread it like in-laws coming to stay for the holiday.

Be vibrant. Certain hues are always associated with holidays. For Christmas, we see green and red sweaters worn by willing and unwilling participants alike. For July, the colors are patriotic. Your brand does not need to have a specific color associated with it, but make your content stand out and discernible. Allow your business to be recognizable across all your online platforms.

Be consistent. Holidays happen every year at the same time. You don’t have to post the same time every week, but your content should be diligent and consistent like we mentioned in our previous blog. Not only is it a good habit to embody, but your clients will notice your dependability.

Be conscientious. Know what your target group likes and use it. Don’t promote Christmas specials if it’s still Halloween. Create timely content that your customers find useful and recycle quality content. Truly original content isn’t always possible, but quality content is always attainable given the proper preparation.

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