Holiday Web Presence Marketing Fails

broken christmas bulb

This season so far we’ve talked a few times about how to prepare and properly equip your web presence marketing and management for the busy time of year. Now that you know how to acclimate your web marketing strategy to the weather, let’s review some holiday marketing and promotions NOT to do. Buckle up, the roads are icy.

Target: OCD Sweater

Target offered a new brand of ugly sweaters this season and folks aren’t particularly amused.


For your holiday Christmas party, you might want to leave this sweater in storage, Target.

This may be a good lesson for everyone to learn. Just because you think your advertisement or marketing idea is clever does not make it appropriate.

Bloomingdales: Spiked Eggnog

Friends don’t let friends drink and drive. Friends don’t let friends buy inappropriate sweaters. And friends don’t let friends eat bad fruitcake. But, friends should spike each other’s eggnog?


If you like eggnog, that’s cool. So do we. But, according to Bloomingdale’s holiday catalog, you might want to be careful who you let pour your eggnog.

Whenever you create copy for an ad, we recommend making sure it passes the anti-creep test. You don’t want your audience to get the wrong idea.

Gain: Smells Like Memaw

Gain demonstrates what not to do for holiday web marketing.

The holidays are a time for family. We treasure the times we spend with loved ones around the dinner table, around gifts or warm, festive drinks. Unfortunately, according to this Gain ad, grandma might be sitting by herself.

We love our grandmas and want to make sure they always have a spot around the Thanksgiving table. Your marketing should be geared toward your specific target audience but not at the expense of another audience. No one puts Memaw in a corner.

Finally, and certainly not the least of these…

Starbucks: #CupGate

Starbucks holiday cups and web marketing in 2015.

Hold on. Don’t go anywhere yet. We’re not actually saying that Starbuck’s #CupGate is bad marketing. In fact, we think the new cups are rather catching. However, not everyone can be as understanding as your Las Vegas web presence marketing firm.

Some of your brilliant holiday web marketing tactics may not always be well received. You can’t make everyone happy.

The moral of these stories? Know your audience and use more sense, not cents, to market your web presence this festive season. Fill out our contact form if you have any questions about your current or future web presence marketing needs.

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