How the Heck Do I Get More People to Like My Facebook Page?

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We all strive for one thing in life, and that is to become Facebook famous. Okay, maybe not—but brand awareness is still very important in the giant yet crowded space that is the realm of social media, full of competing brands that always seem to shout just a little bit louder than you.

Those other brands are doing something right, though, and it’s not that their content or product is even better than yours. They just “get” Facebook, those dang millennials and their social media. So listen up, grandpa! Post Launch is gonna teach stuff.

What the Heck is Brand Awareness?

First of all, this social media awareness is… what?

Facebook is full of algorithms, much like Google, that determine what content is the yummiest. Content that passes as great gets more reach. Reach is how Facebook prioritizes good content versus sub-par content. Reach is simply measured by how many people see a post. Reach is the goal here…or, at least part of it.

Basically, good content gets reach. Okay, so… why?

Why do certain things get reach and others don’t? Facebook determines all this by the amount of likes, comments, and shares. The more interaction your post gets, the more attention it will receive. You may have noticed that with just your personal account. If you post one cool thing, but then post something not so cool right after, that cool thing will blow up your notifications and that second post is essentially invisible, even if it was more recent.

That is how the Facebook goes.

Now, how the heck do you get your Facebook page more reach?

That’s cool you asked.

Growing Your Facebook Page’s Visibility

Post only the best content

There are plenty of resources to get tips and tricks for writing all over the Internet, especially for SEO and digital marketing. You don’t have to be a gifted writer to be a successful one. Let me explain…

As long as it follows SEO best practices, it’s good enough for Google and Facebook. The humans who will be reading your content, however, aren’t machines and deserve some quality. The key here is quality over quantity. That applies to your content and your followers.

You want the right audience, not just the biggest. The best advice for writing is to stay topical and develop an understanding for your audience. Think of it as you actually writing for an audience to entertain and inform to the best of your ability and not just for some numbers game with a computer. The algorithms are tried and true.

Optimize Prime

Making a Facebook page more visible should start with optimization. If your page isn’t fully optimized (which we’ll go over in a second), then it isn’t too late to optimize it. Just know that if you’re posting some quality stuff and using best practices, but you’re still not getting any love, take a look at your page and ask yourself honestly: Is this the best I can do?

Optimizing a Facebook page needs several things:

  • A business snippet that follows best practices and is keyword-rich
  • Accurate, up-to-date information (address, phone number, etc.)
  • Professional profile photo (usually a logo)
  • Professional cover photo (relevant, pertains to your brand, NOT blurry and weird)
  • A link to your website (SERIOUSLY SO IMPORTANT, YOU GUYS)

Facebook knows if your page isn’t all that great. If your page isn’t optimized or doesn’t look professional, they’ll be too embarrassed to spread your stuff around. Ouch, guys. Once you have all these details listed on your Facebook page, you can start having some fun and spreading your brand awareness.

Be a consistent and active user

It’s very easy to forget a page that hasn’t posted in a long time. The average Facebook user likes around 70 pages and I like about 200 pages that are entirely memes. That’s quite the competition, but if you follow best practices for well-written optimized content, social media awareness awaits, right?

The theory now is that you should be posting about once or twice a day if you want to be visible. It all depends on your followers, though. Those with 10,000 followers or more get a little more wiggle room as to how often they can post a day. If you’re still in the early stages of little to no brand awareness, it’s really up to you. Best stick with one or two high-quality posts a day, though.

Tell everyone you know (and don’t know)

Sell your brand. There’s no shame in promoting your Facebook page everywhere you can: on your website, through email marketing, on an actual bulletin board somewhere, or just by telling people to go like it. Seriously, tell your family and friends to go like it. Nana and Pep Pep would love to help out any way they could.

You can also buy ad space. Make a cool graphic, and then promote it. Facebook gives you step by step instructions on how to do that, so go do it. What’s great about creating ads is that it allows you to choose your audience based on interests, location, and gender. Remember, it’s all about the right audience, not just the biggest audience.

Plug it in, plug it in

Social media plugins allow you to do things normal internet users can’t. For example, you can link your Facebook page and website so when a user clicks ‘Like’ from your site, it goes straight to Facebook where their friends can see it and interact with it. The whole idea of plugins is to give your users a new and easy experience that also benefits you and your brand awareness.

Most plugins offer easy share options, like a ‘send’ button, ‘embedded comments,’ ‘quote’ plugin, etc. Getting likes on Facebook has never been more useful with plugins!

Reward people for being part of your Facebook community

We should treat The Book of Faces like a separate website, or at least an extension of your website…with some added bonus points. Say, for example, you want to give a big ol’ thank you to all your fans, so you decide to reward them. Holding contests is a great way to spread the cheer you can provide to their friends and neighbors. A contest can be a great social engagement experiment. Let’s say, a certain amount of shares equates to certain rewards. “First one to like and comment on this gets…” That kind of stuff.

This is a good time to mention that part of the appeal of being in a Facebook community is the social interaction. Engage with your audience and users as much as you can, and they’ll come back.

It’s pretty simple, really. Optimize your Facebook page, which is all about just taking a look at your page and adding the necessary info. Once you’re done with that, make a schedule of writing and posting engaging content that people will love. Do that daily, and don’t be afraid to interact with your users (professionally, of course). In between posts, spread the word and don’t be afraid to use as many plugins as needed. They’re designed to help you.

Most importantly, be patient. The engagement you want won’t happen overnight. These things take time. Getting your page hundreds of likes can take months, so don’t lose hope.

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