What the Heck Does Your Company Even Do?

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What does your company do? What do you do? Think about it. You probably get asked this question on a regular basis. How do you answer? Well, folks, the search engines are asking the same thing!

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is often used to describe the world of “online marketing.” Yet, that’s not exactly accurate. Search engine optimization is the process of making your website as efficient as possible at showing up on the top of Google, Bing and Yahoo. This all starts with…you guessed it…common sense.

If you can’t articulate exactly what your business does, why people should do business with you and how people should do business with you, it’s likely your website is a far echo of your own descriptor of your own company. Feel bad yet? Don’t. It’s probably not your fault. This is a likely situation.

“We need more business! Time for a website.” Then you get a website: You build your own. You hire someone. You ask your cousin. Whatever the case, you now have a website but then something happens – NOTHING AT ALL! Well, WTF? That seemed like a waste of time, but again, you are wrong, and it’s still not your fault.

You simply need to let the search engines know what you do. The problem is the search engines are robots and you don’t speak “robot.” Speaking robot is not as hard as you think because they’re really smart robots. You just need to make it clear to the search engines.

Here’s some common sense advice on making your own website search engine optimized. Whether you decide to do this yourself or if you hire a Las Vegas SEO firm, it’s really important to understand the process so you don’t get your pants pulled down.

We’ll use the fictitious company of “Crazy Billy’s Gun Range” for this example:

Step 1 – Make a list of what you do.

Sell Guns

Sell Bullets

Let People Shoot Guns

Let People Hold Guns

Sell Gun Accessories

Sell Targets

Lobby for the NRA Agenda

Guess what? Now you have your list. You also have the keywords and phrases the search engines are looking for. Easy right?

Step 2 – Check to make sure you have a page on your site that talks about everything you do. 

Almost every website has an easy way for you to add pages to your site so take a minute and do that. Create a page for selling guns, selling bullets, shooting guns, etc. You already know what you do so just talk about it by typing. Write 500 words on each topic. Don’t be a lazy butt. Guns are cool so there is plenty to talk about. If your business is so flippin’ boring you can’t come up with three paragraphs, you probably should find another place to work.

Step 3 – Profit!

By simply having pages on your site about what you do, you will start to see your rankings in search engines grow. Every single page on your site could be an entry point for a potential customer, but it gets better than that. Each of your main products or services probably has a sub focus.


Yeah, it’s on like Pong.

Check this out:

Guns for Sale – main area of business

Handguns for sale – subpage

Glock Handguns – subpage

Smith and Wesson Handguns – subpage

Cowboy Style Handguns – third level page

New Handguns – subpage

Used Handguns – subpage

Handguns used in celebrity murders – third level page

Handguns for girls – third level page

Handguns you can hide in your ass – fourth level page

Every single one of these could be another page on your site! The more pages you have on all the different areas of your business the more opportunity you have to rank in the search engines under everything your clients could possibly search for. Pretty cool, huh?

Here are two other pieces of advice:

1 – Look at your competition’s sites first. What are they talking about? You should be talking about at least as much on your own site, then add more!

2 – Now that you know the crux of what it takes to rank in the search engines just call us at Post Launch. Even if you want to do this yourself we’ll give you the roadmap for your business for…ready for it…FREE! It starts with a phone call (also free*).

*Considering the cost of cellphones, data plans and call plans, those things are far from free. But, we won’t charge you.

Your comments and feedback are encouraged on this article. Looking forward to helping the world get that paper from the internet!

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