Facebook SEO: Yes, It’s Technically a Search Engine

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If you’ve paid any attention to the Post Launch blog, you’ll know that search engine optimization is at the root of improving your online presence. When you optimize the content on your website, you’re more likely to rank well in Google search results. But what about being found and seen on social media?

Think of Facebook as a search engine. Similar to how you need to optimize your onsite content to be found on Google, you also need to optimize your Facebook content to be seen on social media. Learn more about Facebook SEO and how to improve your visibility there.

Facebook As a Search Engine

Facebook has been in the works of making updates to its search features. Its algorithms currently predict which content and pages are more likely to suit your needs and interests.Along with that algorithm, they’re trying to compete with Google in helping people find products, services, and answers online.

Right now, Facebook gets about two billion search queries every day. And you may be surprised to learn that many of those searches are for things other than people’s names.

With Facebook’s Professional Services tab, people can look for services in their area. In the Marketplace, users can buy, swap, and sell things within the app. Recommendations allow people to ask their friends for recommended products and services. This is a great feature, as it allows users to get advice from people they trust.

Last, Events shows you events that match your interests and lets you know what your friends are up to.

Facebook wants more people to use its search features. Once these searches grow, Facebook developers hope to improve the functionality of their search. They’ll soon suggest better brand matches using their algorithms, user data, and location to find more relevant results for people’s searches. (Who would’ve guessed that Facebook is giving Google a run for their money?)

Making Your Facebook Business Page More Visible

Although Facebook isn’t technically a full-blown search engine YET, there are still many things you can do to optimize your business page and increase your visibility. Here are some tips for “Facebook SEO”:

News feed optimization

The Facebook News Feed is customized to each user. It’s based on their network, activity, and engagement. Facebook tries to predict what content you want to see on your personal feed.

If you’re wondering how to optimize my Facebook posts, the best thing you can do is encourage interaction from your audience. When they engage with your posts, Facebook will “read” that, and start showing those users more of your content.

So, ask questions in your posts. Respond to users’ comments. Increase your own interactions with people, so Facebook’s algorithms will add more of your content to their feed.

Also, post videos directly to your Facebook page, as opposed to linking a YouTube video. Photos and videos directly uploaded to a page get more reach and engagement than links.

And, when you’re optimizing the content on your website, don’t forget that meta description! Facebook pulls this from your site to use in link previews.

Post regularly

You want to keep your Facebook page alive—but don’t post too much. About once a day is a good place to be, as this gives your posts a better chance to reach your audience.

Facebook page optimization

Just like with your content marketing, you want to use keywords on your business Facebook page. When people search for these terms, they’re more likely to find you.

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