Enterprise Radio Interview: Geoffrey Radcliffe Talks Content Syndication

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Enterprise Radio recently featured Geoffrey Radcliffe in their radio podcast. This time around Geoff talked about content syndication. Listen to the interview here:



Enterprise Radio Interview Highlights

Geoffrey Radcliffe, a regular guest of Enterprise Radio, always likes to spill a few Post Launch internet marketing secrets when he goes on air. This episode of Enterprise Radio had Geoff discussing SEO and the importance of content syndication.

Is SEO a technical marketing practice?

Is SEO still a technical practice? Surprisingly, it isn’t as technical as you think anymore. Search engines have gotten so smart these days that they can actually consume a well-written page of content easily without the techy sweet talk. This development has really changed the face of the SEO industry. It’s no longer about who is the most technical, but more about who can create quality and SEO-friendly content.

What is content syndication?

Content syndication is the process of getting your website’s content pushed out on other websites. This process is used to get a piece of your content, like a blog or video post, more visible across the internet. Essentially, you are finding publishers who will publish your content. But because it’s online, you can get your content published for free with free content syndication tools. Afterall, if you wrote a great piece of content, wouldn’t you want to push it out to the world? A well-written piece of content is great. But getting it syndicated is the crux of content marketing and SEO.

Why is content syndication so important for SEO?

Content syndication leaves a trail for search engine bots and users to follow back to your website, building your website’s authority through backlinking. When your content is mentioned or syndicated in other places, Google bots will recognize that as a quality site. When Google says your site is quality, your site goes up in the ranks. When’s the last time you checked page 2 of the Google search results? That’s why content syndication is so important for SEO.

How does anyone syndicate content online?

It’s easier to syndicate content than you think. There are so many free sources to publish (syndicate) your content online. It’s only a matter of setting up a free profile on various content syndication networks and begin posting your latest blogs.

The internet is thirsty for information. This is why there are so many free content syndication networks to choose from. The best content syndication tools will vary slightly from industry to industry. However, there are many free general syndication sites that we recommend any and every business syndicate to.

What are the best free syndication channels?

There are many free content syndication networks to sign up with and start pushing your content out. The following are some of the best free ones:

  • Digg
  • Stumbleupon
  • Delicious
  • Tumblr
  • Reddit

Content syndication is a fantastic and free internet marketing tool that any business can start using to increase their website’s authority and improve SEO. Start applying content syndication to your online marketing efforts today, and you will start to see a rise in website traffic by consistently posting your content far and wide. Even with old blogs, now is the time to get in there and start syndicating to get that authority and get people to really start seeing your stuff online.

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