The Emoji Impact in Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimization

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Oh, the emoji! ????

Since the beginning of electronic messaging, users have tacked on emojis to show their mood when communicating their online presence in the digital world. Whatever mood modern day psychology can describe, users have cleverly created with the keys.

Whether you find them cute or annoying, the emoji is becoming invaluable to digital marketing and, in some cases, SEO.

What Do You Mean?  ????

Since the inclusion of them on popular digital platforms, like iOS, Android, Facebook and Google chat, it’s impossible to escape the smiles, winks, hearts and grinning plops of poo. So much so, companies include this language in their search engine optimization and digital marketing toolbox.

And for good reason. A 2008 research paper on emojis and people who see them suggests, “…users felt a positive effect on enjoyment, personal interaction, perceived information richness, and perceived usefulness.” ????

A positive connection between your company and people means a stronger loyalty to your brand. In other words, a properly placed emoji can:

  •         Improve your digital presence
  •         Add clout to your content
  •         Spice up your social media
  •         Impact organic search engine optimization

How to Include Emojis into Your Digital Marketing and Web Presence Marketing

Social Media Posts

Is today a major holiday? Did your company win something? Need to add emphasis to something? Sprinkle in an emoji. Did one of your customers say something nice about your company? Tweet or comment back with a thank you and punctuate with a ???? .

Email Blasts

Need to add a human element to all those email blasts and newsletters your web presence marketing company sends out? Don’t be afraid to smile. If the content you’re writing needs to maintain a professional tone, then you can be more subtle by adding the emoji near the signature line.

Use sparingly in the subject line. People may think your email is spam.

Lessen the Impactful Information

This can be useful when you receive and need to respond to serious or negative interactions. While you should know the difference when to use and not use an emoji, consider the tone and emotional difference between these two sentences:

We’re sorry you experienced less than optimal service with our website. Contact our business directly and a specialist will help you.


We’re sorry you experienced less than optimal service with our website. Contact our business directly and our specialist will help you. ????

Be Considerate, However.

Emojis can run the risk of being ineffective in digital marketing if overused.

While our SEO company can explains this, we’ll just let the next example speak for itself:

Omg! :DDDDD You are the best customer 4EVR!!!!!! <3 ;))) ^_^ ;D <(______^___o____^)>~~~ <3

Needless to say, emojis are best used if peppered here and there.

Spice Up Your Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimization

The emoji can be your friend in your marketing strategy and online presence, if you know how to use right. However, if you don’t know when to ???? or when to ❤️, it’s all right. At Post Launch, our SEO company has the marketing and emoji prowess.

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