What is Email Marketing Automation and Why Should You Care?

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Do you like making money? Would you prefer to make money while not working? Yeah, we thought so. Email marketing automation is designed to make that happen. It takes tasks off your to-do list and does them better than you were going to do them, anyway. Now that you know why you should care about email marketing automation, we can get to answering what exactly it is.

What is Email Marketing Automation?

Automated emails

Email marketing automation is a software that automates your emails. Simple enough, right? The software sends pre-designed emails to your customers for you. The emails are all created in the beginning, and the software takes it from there. At Post Launch, we exist to make sure that setup process is done right the first time. Things get very messy if the automation starts and the emails weren’t created properly.

Targeted audiences

The emails sent are targeted to reach the inbox of customers who actually care about the content you’re dealing out. This is how Target started sending you emails about diapers about as soon as you found out a baby was on the way. Your neighbor who just performed a wedding ceremony for two of her cats didn’t receive those emails.

Response tracking

Email marketing automation software will tell you which emails are working for which people. You can see which leads are hot by following the customer’s actions on your website after they open your email. You get to see exactly what is working and what is not. Then, you can adjust your marketing efforts to maximize success!

We’re the Experts Here. Let Us Do the Work

So you know that eventually email marketing automation will make you more money while you do no extra work. You also know it takes some precise preparation to get to that point. One blog post can’t give you the knowledge you need to flawlessly set up the professional email marketing automation software your company needs. Let us run the Internet for you starting with automated email marketing.
We have creative wizards and web experts at the ready. We’ll take on your business like it’s our own and make your identity on the world wide web complete and profitable. Contact Post Launch for a free consultation on what an email marketing strategy would look like for your company.

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