Email Marketing is ALIIIIIIVE

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Email marketing is more than NOT dead. It has arisen with new life and all the amazingly creepy tools thereof. Smart email software can do more now than ever before, so much so that it feels like a smart digital assistant is running your email marketing for you, but it’s really just a code running on a machine.

Why Email Marketing Is ALIIIIIIIVE

Emails can be sent based on behavioral triggers

Smart email sends emails to people based on behavioral triggers. Did a customer recently spend 10 minutes viewing your services page? Did someone just purchase a product for the first time? Did someone just abandon their shopping cart? Smart emailing systems are setup to monitor this behavior and send the most appropriate, personalized emails accordingly. These emails are getting at people before they have the chance to slip from your grip. Smart email is not the undead.

Email follow-ups can be sent without human involvement and without pissing off the customer

The days of bad retargeting are over. Artificial intelligence is getting so smart emailing systems can track what your customer is doing on the site and track how they are reacting to your emails. Customers can be organized into different shopping categories and their behavior tracked to determine which follow-up email that should be sent next. It does all the data analytics and sends out the most appropriate email faster than actual people (especially the ones who don’t know how to analyze data). Email nowadays is scary accurate.

Email marketing still brings in the money

Email marketing best practices show that it’s good at encouraging people to buy, and then at encouraging them to come back and buy again. Good email marketing strategies keep customers coming back like Starbucks keeps people coming back to its Pumpkin Spice Latte. 81% of online shoppers will make additional purchases from a particular brand because of targeted emails based on previous buying behaviors.

Whether you like it or not, smart emailing systems are already tracking your every move online. You may as well give in to the fear and hop on the train. Position your business to benefit from the work of artificially intelligent email tracking bots, and you will be impressed by just how much they can do.

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