Digital Marketing Tools That Save the Day

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Digital marketing is a complex beast that seems to grow with every passing year. Now that 2016 is here, this is the time to find and utilize the best digital marketing tools for your business and your marketing strategy.

Digital Marketing Tools to Use

– CrowdFire App – There are over one billion active social media accounts. With all that noise, it can be daunting to navigate your way through social media to better marketing. CrowdFire is an excellent tool to manage your followers and follow people most likely to follow you back. The user-friendly platform keeps it simple but effective.

– Sprout Social – For those looking for social media management and scheduling, Sprout Social is a great tool that brings all your social media monitoring in one simple news feed. You can track engagement patterns, schedule content calendars, view audience demographics and much more. After an initial 30-day free trial, Sprout Social charges $59 per month.

*If you are looking for a free social media scheduling tool, check out TweetDeck for Twitter.

– Mail Chimp – With over 8 million people already using the Mail Chimp platform, it is obviously one of the most powerful email marketing tools on the market. The simple platform is user-friendly and features free templates that will make your email marketing campaign look more professional than amateur.

– AdRoll – AdRoll is currently one of the most popular tools in the retargeting ad space. The platform includes access to advertising on major social media networks, and the company offers additional help to any of its huge customer bases.

– Vimeo – Vimeo is an excellent video sharing platform, with over 20 million people and businesses that trust it to host their videos. Vimeo hosts high-definition, ad-free videos, driving an audience that is looking for high-quality video content. Their visually stunning videos are a great platform for those looking to market their video creations.

– Canva – Looking for a platform to create custom photos? Canva is an easy-to-use tool with free templates, stock photos and online storage. This platform is more user-friendly than its traditional competitor, Photoshop, and is highly recommended by many in the digital marketing space.

 Raven Tools – If you are looking for an all-in-one marketing software, Raven Tools is one of the best and most affordable platforms on the market. Updated with new features regularly, the software includes comprehensive reporting, social media management tools and SEO tools. You can even try the platform for free for the first 30 days.

These are just a few of the many digital marketing tools available at your fingertips. Other tools not mentioned above, but worth looking at, include BuzzSumo, Sidekick,, Piktochart, Feedly and LiveChat. Also, don’t forget about Google analytics, Adobe analytics, Facebook insights and Twitter analytics to track and monitor your digital marketing efforts and your website/social profile performances. If you need any assistance in creating your digital marketing campaign and utilizing the tools listed above, call on Post Launch (a Las Vegas premier digital marketing company) to offer advice, tips and services needed.

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