Why You Most Definitely Should Start a Blog for Your Business

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At Post Launch, our team of Creative Agents is made of more than just digital marketers—we’re writers first. That’s pretty much why we rock at content marketing, and it’s why we understand the value of a good blog. If you’re breaking into the whole digital marketing scene, start by finding out the importance of blogging for business.

Clients often ask, “Should I create a blog for my business?” In turn, we’ll always answer, “Yes, definitely. Always. You beautiful, creative, content-writing land mermaid.”

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Take a Seat, and We’ll Tell You Why Blogging Is Important

Alright kids, first and foremost, you should know blogging for business is one of the easiest and cleverest ways to reach your audience and invite them to interact with your brand. It’s like you’re talking to them personally—just online.

What will a blog do for a company? Let’s see.

Blogging helps with SEO and bringing traffic to your site.

Among the many benefits that blogging offers your business, one of the most important is what it does for your SEO. Google Bots love “reading” your website, and currently, Google has started to prioritize more topical content in search results. Meaning, your business’s website (and in turn, your blog) needs to have content related to what your target audience is looking for. The Bots need content to find keywords, index your site, and provide Internet users with the answers they need.

Your blogs should answer any questions your audience has. It can help you reach your audience and engage with them in a successful, not-too-salesy way. They’re looking at your site for answers that could eventually lead them to make a purchase.

Thus, blogs can also bring more traffic to your website. They are new, updated pages that you add to your website every week. These serve a very different purpose than your onsite pages, which don’t really change, unless you start to offer a new product or service.

Blogging generates leads.

Your target audience (the people who actually care about your product or service) will most likely click on a blog post you share—and maybe even read it! And, with a direct, clear call to action, you can lead your readers to a purchase page, contact us page, wherever you want your audience to go next.

Blogging gives you content to share on social media.

Got a social media profile for your business? Well, you should. Social media is one of the best places to engage with your target audience and provide them with quality content. Sharing your blog’s content with your social media audience can improve your engagement, as well as create a flourishing, active profile that more people would love to “like.”

Blogging enhances your credibility.

If you know your industry well enough to write about it in your blog every week, you look like an expert in your field. It’s as simple as that. Share content that is valuable and helpful; offer your customers something more than just a product they have to buy.

When you answer a customer’s questions without trying to immediately sell them something, you look like an industry leader in their eyes, AND they’ll be more likely to return to such a lovely and informative website!

Get Started Blogging for Business

So, you’ve lasted through all the reasons you should start blogging for business. You’re sold. So where do you start?

Apart from checking back to our digital marketing blog for tips every week, we’ll give you a quick rundown on starting content marketing right here:

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