Creating Content for Web Presence


Hi, Geoff Radcliffe here from Post Launch. I want to talk to you today about a quick way to make content for your own web presence.

Web presence marketing is the effect of gaining visibility online. More than just search engine optimization, creating content, posting to Facebook and Twitter. But really the whole end-to-end piece. is our website, and our company offers web presence marketing services for firms and companies and businesses and brands and individuals of all types.

So I want to talk to you really quick. What I’m doing right now is recording a video. And I would encourage anybody who wants a better brand online sit down and record a video. After that video’s been recorded, take it and transcribe it. Put in your headphones, sit there, and key in every single word that you have just spoken into the camera.

You’ve done two things: One, you’ve created a video about yourself for your company, and two, you now have a blog post for yourself or your company. You’ve cut all the time out where you, you know, it might take you an hour to sit down and think of something relevant to say. Find something that’s interesting and relevant to you and your business, digitally record yourself doing it, transcribe the entire thing, and you’ve killed two birds with one stone in just a few minutes. Creating content through video is just one way to engage your audience and your customers. Not only is it an effective way to communicate to your audience but a convenient way to hash out some ideas for your own benefit. Sometimes it’s easier to talk out loud than to stare at a blank screen.

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