A Brief Insight into How SEO Combines with Your Inbound Marketing Strategy

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Understanding how the practices of SEO merge with your inbound marketing strategy is one of the most important considerations you’ll need to think about. SEO refers to how your content is discovered by your customers. It will directly impact where your inbound traffic comes. Since 59% of marketing influencers state that inbound marketing produces more […]

Do I Need Web Presence Marketing?

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Marketing is an umbrella term used to describe the means of communication between a company and a consumer audience. Taken a step further, marketing is the activity of communicating with customers, clients, partners, community and society at large. Traditional marketing is old news. More and more companies are switching their efforts to digital marketing tactics, […]

How User-Generated Content Can Grow Your Relationship with Your Audience

When you’re running a business or trying to advertise a brand, you need to create a successful content marketing strategy. Reaching your audience and making sure they stick around should be your number one priority. Marketers and business owners know how important it is to find a way to build strong relationships with your audience. […]

I Grew My Followers But No One’s Buying: What Gives?

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In today’s social media-crazed age, brands and influencers are obsessing over their follower count. Some even go so far as to buy followers or use automated engagement tools to make themselves look better on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. But, does follower count matter when it comes to success in digital marketing? Does Follower Count on […]

9 Tips for Marketing Online to an International Audience

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Taking your business to a new global audience will certainly be an exciting time, but how exactly are you going to do it? More than half of all international expansions fail or have to be scaled back within the first 12 months. To ensure your business doesn’t become just another statistic, we’ve put together a […]

How Important Is Your Logo Design?

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What do you think of when you see those golden arches? Unhealthy decisions? The McDonalds logo is a prime example of successful logo design. The M doesn’t give you the full name of the business, but after years of good marketing, we all know what it represents. The brand awareness is definitely there. A logo […]

What Is Web Presence Marketing?

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At Post Launch, we’ve spent the past five years developing—and mastering—web presence marketing. What is web presence marketing, you ask? It’s similar to Internet marketing, but encompasses so many more aspects of who your business is online. Our goal is to make your business more visible online. We do that by combining various aspects of […]

Your Love Is Looking for You: How to Become More Visible Online

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It’s Valentine’s Day, and your target audience is out there looking for someone—a company just like yours. Will they be able to find what they need and want from a business? Or will they be forced to settle for one that’s more visible online, but that doesn’t treat their clients with love and careful attention? […]

Digital Marketing New Year’s Resolutions [Infographic]

New Year, new strategy! Like many others this time of year, we’re making some resolutions, but not just any resolutions. We’re declaring which marketing trends to leave in 2017, as well as the techniques and mindsets we need to start a new year of marketing off right. Check out our digital marketing New Year’s resolutions […]

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