How User-Generated Content Can Grow Your Relationship with Your Audience

When you’re running a business or trying to advertise a brand, you need to create a successful content marketing strategy. Reaching your audience and making sure they stick around should be your number one priority. Marketers and business owners know how important it is to find a way to build strong relationships with your audience. […]

How to Reach the Most Popular Instagramers with Cold Email Marketing

instagram on smartphone

Remember the beginning of Instagram when people posted fun pictures of their food or their cat? Well, it’s grown over the years into a hub for online marketing and sales. Regular users can now become influencers whose job it is to use their large following to benefit brands and businesses everywhere. Getting Influencers to endorse […]

I Grew My Followers But No One’s Buying: What Gives?

audience at a concert

In today’s social media-crazed age, brands and influencers are obsessing over their follower count. Some even go so far as to buy followers or use automated engagement tools to make themselves look better on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. But, does follower count matter when it comes to success in digital marketing? Does Follower Count on […]

We’re Adding Social Media and High-Quality Content to Our Thankful List

thankful for social media

Well, Thanksgiving came faster this year than kids eating their Halloween candy the day after. The foodie holiday is also a great way to reflect on the amazing year you’ve had (or okay year, we all can’t have it all). As we here are making our lists of thanks to awkwardly share with our table […]

Should I Really Boost My Facebook Post?

facebook boost post

Most of the time, we preach the benefits of organic marketing efforts. However, if you do business in a relatively saturated market, the game is often pay to win. Many businesses struggle to stand out online when their industry has a lot of competition—sometimes even with the most advanced organic strategy. That’s where online advertising […]

Using Gifs in Your Online Content

gifs in content marketing

When it comes to digital marketing, visual content like images, memes, and gifs in content marketing are an effective tool for connecting with audiences everywhere. What started as a fun way to share silly moments or commiserate with friends and family is now a modern marketing tool with the power to launch your brand into […]

Memes throughout History: Where Did It Begin?

meme history

What’s your favorite Internet meme? Perhaps it’s Grumpy Cat or the ever-popular Rick Roll. Maybe you’re a connoisseur of the Dos Equis Man meme or Success Kid. But where the heck did these memes come from, and why aren’t why going away? Before we get into the history of Internet memes, here’s a little disclaimer: […]

Facebook SEO: Yes, It’s Technically a Search Engine

facebook seo

If you’ve paid any attention to the Post Launch blog, you’ll know that search engine optimization is at the root of improving your online presence. When you optimize the content on your website, you’re more likely to rank well in Google search results. But what about being found and seen on social media? Think of […]

Get Trending! The History of the Hashtag and How to Use One

history of hashtag-twitter marketing

You recently honed your Twitter marketing skills, and now it’s time to expand on your knowledge using hashtags. The hashtag is the cornerstone of any Twitter marketing strategy—and social media marketing as a whole. What is the hashtag, and where did it come from? How do you create the best hashtag for your Twitter marketing […]

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