Tips to Increase Your Social Media Presence and Web Presence

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Everyone knows how important social media is for business. It increases brand awareness, gets your product/service in front of new potential customers and helps search engine optimization. While most companies know the importance of social media, what most companies don’t know is how to use social media effectively and how to use social media to increase […]

Social Media Event Success: A Case Study

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What happens when you combine the timeliness and power of social media in one epic campaign? Profit. Event Social Media Marketing via GIPHY Post Launch recently developed and executed a social media campaign for a client’s huge fundraising event. (We are contractually obligated to not say the name of the client, but let’s just say […]

Twitter 101 for Real Estate Marketing and Lead Generation

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Are you using Twitter for real estate marketing and lead generation? Don’t miss out on an entire space of potential hot leads. Discover a few good-to-know secrets of the Twitter marketing world and use three actionable tips to effectively market your business through Twitter and get a lead today! Twitter is an incredibly effective tool […]

AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Pay attention to me!!! AHHHHHHHH

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Did you know over 300,000 tweets are tweeted per minute? Over 150 million emails and 38,000 Instagram posts are sent in that same time frame. That’s right; in one minute, all this happens online and more. How can you make your social media minute stand out? How do you stand out above the crowd? Social […]

What is New With Twitter and Your Digital Marketing Strategy


Social networks, like Twitter and Facebook, seem to update and add new features regularly these days. While these updates are pretty cool for the typical user, they can be challenging for businesses with long-term digital marketing strategies. Post Launch, and other web presence marketing firms, spend time keeping track of all these updates and how […]

Facebook Best Practices for 2016

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We may be jumping the gun on this one since it’s barely halfway through November, but it’s never too early to start implementing best practices for your web presence marketing. With today’s constant influx of information, your posts have to rise above the rest with quality content and quality content communicated well. You may have […]

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