What Exactly is SEO?

It seems like the only people who know what SEO stands for and means these days are computer nerds working in their parent’s basement (maybe). Let’s compare SEO to the windshield wiper fluid in your car. It’s nothing more than the ability to see or be seen. But, you need a little more than windshield […]

How Can Video and Podcast Content Help You Boost Your Google Rankings in 2020?

When you search for any “how-to” content on Google, what do you see? Apart from an exhaustive list of webpages that have the answers to your question, you can see a carousel of instructional videos. It’s a recent update in the Google search algorithm that the search engine giant is finally considering ranking signals that come […]

The Best Local SEO Tips by Industry

Did you know that 46% of all Google searches are local? Despite this fact, so many industries fail to make the most out of their local listings. Growing your visibility online starts with making sure you’ve got a bunch of relevant, optimized local citations. Take this as your guide to local SEO and find tips […]

Why Include HTML Markups in Your On-Page SEO Strategy

html on laptop

Gone are the days of traditional marketing, where marketers print flyers and brochures of their products and services, go out in the streets, and hand them out to strangers, hoping they consider reading it rather than throwing it away. Today’s digital era has made it possible for companies to promote, market, and sell products and […]

Why Everyone Should Be Thinking More Deeply about Internal Linking

chain link

One of the most important matters in your search engine optimization journey is your internal linking strategy. Some ignore this very crucial step in building an SEO campaign simply because it tends to be a complex strategy. However, it’s not as complicated as many people make it out to be. It could all be so […]

The Top WordPress Plugins You Need to Search Engine Optimize Your Site

best wordpress plugins for seo

So, you built a snazzy website, filled with all the bells and whistles to impress your visitors. But how exactly do you get those visitors to your site in the first place? Well, with search engine optimization, of course! The best web developers know there’s no great website without a strong SEO strategy. Check out […]

Digital Marketing New Year’s Resolutions [Infographic]

New Year, new strategy! Like many others this time of year, we’re making some resolutions, but not just any resolutions. We’re declaring which marketing trends to leave in 2017, as well as the techniques and mindsets we need to start a new year of marketing off right. Check out our digital marketing New Year’s resolutions […]

DIY SEO Is Like a DIY Holiday Gift: Not the Best Idea

What does your holiday haul look like this year? Did you absolutely LOVE everything you got? (Yeah, we thought not.) While that macaroni picture frame your five-year-old son made may be precious, it will probably—definitely—serve little purpose in your interior design. And your not-so-favorite cousin who went crazy with the Pinterest crafts can’t know that […]

Your Guide to Navigating Google SERPs

google serps

The term, Google SERPs*, may seem like a daunting, new digital marketing vocabulary word to add to your list, but you are way more familiar with SERPs than you think. You probably visit the SERPs every day—multiple times a day, in fact. Google Search Engine Results Pages are what you get when you type in […]

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