The Hottest Digital Marketing Trends of 2019

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The world of marketing has changed more in the last five years than it ever has before. The digital marketing platform that encompasses SEO, social media, content marketing and more is experiencing a rapid shift.  You may think things like artificial intelligence and visual search only exist in science fiction films but wake up call, […]

Tech Trends That Are Changing Digital Marketing

Each year, the face of digital marketing transforms. Over the last couple of years, there have been groundbreaking changes in the way we advertise our business or brand online. Things continue to improve, and new trends appear on a regular basis. It’s crucial to follow the latest trends and make use of them for your […]

A Decade in Digital Marketing: The Top 7 Trends of the 2010s

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The 2010s have proven to be a crazy, exciting, and technologically-advancing decade. The streaming service wars were on as we sought to binge-watch our favorites like the Stranger Things series or Beyonce’ killing it in her Coachella Homecoming performance. The box office boomed with blockbusters like the Marvel movie gold we nerds love, as well […]

Post Launch Named Top SEO Agencies on Expertise

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What makes a great digital marketing agency? Some say it’s producing the best results. Others say it’s the strong relationships they build with their clients. Well, at Post Launch, we believe there’s a specific mixture of many things that make an agency great—it’s that special sauce only a number of companies can claim they have. […]

What to Expect from a Web Presence Marketing Firm in 2018

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You may have already learned the basics of web presence marketing and the fundamental SEO company services. But Internet marketing, like the Internet, is an ever-evolving practice of learning and relearning SEO and social media best practices. It’s important to evolve with the times and always be on the cutting edge of the latest updates […]

A Comprehensive History of Digital Marketing That Won’t Put You to Sleep

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In case you’ve missed any of our engaging blogs or have been living under a rock for a few years, digital marketing refers to any effort a company makes to promote a product, service, or organization online. Our industry has seen many transformations over the years. And if you know anything about the history of […]

The Most Out-of-This-World Blogs We Wrote in 2017

best blogs of 2017

2017 was one heck of a year. We inaugurated a new President, watched a bad-ass Wonder Woman film, witnessed the birth of Beyonce’s twins, survived Hurricanes Irma and Maria, and we stood together as a community after the October 1st tragedy. As we celebrate and welcome a New Year and all its possibilities, we wanted […]

This Just In: What’s Happening in Digital Marketing Fall 2017

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How often do you catch up with digital marketing news? Not too often? You’re in luck. The nerds over here at Post Launch love subscribing to many, many industry newsletters. (So much to read, so little time, amiright?) To help you out a bit, we decided to put some interesting stuff together for you to […]

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