Case Study: Las Vegas Real Estate Marketing

The Las Vegas real estate market has been and continues to be one of the hottest, fastest, and most profitable markets for home buying and selling in the country. As a result of the enormous demand and huge profit swings,  Post Launch is contacted almost monthly by a thirsty agent or agency looking to make a name for themselves in this market. 

At the time of writing this case study (April 2021) there were approximately 20,000 registered real estate agents in the Las Vegas valley (Las Vegas, Henderson, North Las Vegas, Pharump, and Boulder City) and only 15,000 homes available for sale on the market (as reported to me by an active RE Agent via the Greater Las Vegas Association of Realtors (GLVAR). This backward supply/demand situation has created the need for agents to “standout, spotlight, and showcase” themselves in new and inventive ways all the time. A pretty headshot and a “we’re here for you” generic tagline won’t cut it anymore. 

I receive ten emails daily, 3-5 snail mail cards daily, and at least two unsolicited text messages every day to buy a home, sell a home, or take a cash offer on my home. The noise has become so loud that it’s virtually impossible to become the signal without a massive budget, right? Well, the reality is that a lot of agents can’t, or don’t want to, spend tens of thousands of dollars per month to compete with the incredibly “loud market.” Hence, we have to consider speaking a different “language” to get our clients in front of potential clients in a different way. 

For those that remember the book ‘Blue Ocean Strategy’ remember that the key is not to swim in the “red water” where the feeding frenzy is already happening; we need to make our way into the “blue water” to avoid the sharks and find some new feeding grounds. The concept is analogous to looking in new locations and finding new ways to get customers in a crowded marketplace. 

Our solution to avoiding the same traps was to ask potential customers, “what exactly do you want?” Many times this simple question is hard to answer but even harder to ask. An active real estate agent wants to do one thing primarily: transact homes. That’s it, no need to be shy about it, but the reality is that he or she is only here to assist with that one thing. In 2020 we started working with a group, Home Helpers of Las Vegas, that took an entirely different approach. With the assistance of Post Launch, they’ve created a unique, effective, and successful Real Estate Lead Generation marketing solution. 

Home Helpers bought together a “board” of executives with their self-interests such as selling homes, refinancing homes, home equity loans, and cash offers. Each of the board members wanted to accomplish their one primary goal, but the collective provided a much broader service to potential clients. During COVID-19, people were having a hard time figuring out “what to do?” Should I sell, should I buy, should I rent, should I cash out? The problem was no organization could effectively advise, consult, and ultimately service individuals and families that didn’t fit into a particular silo. Home helpers was a brainchild of Post Launch, a real estate agency, a home investor, and a lender that realized the collective was much more robust than working as individuals. 

Post Launch worked design & develop a website, social media campaign, email marketing campaign, CRM, tracking phone numbers, and detailed analytics for existing and potential customers to ensure Home Helper’s phones were constantly ringing. With the consulting and guidance of the expert digital marketers at Post Launch, leads are coming in daily for Home Helpers. Our knowledge of end-to-end marketing solutions ensures this relatively young startup has all the tools necessary to be successful as business continues to pour in. 

If you find yourself in a crowded industry or marketplace and need some solutions to get out of the feeding frenzy, reach out for a free consultation with Post Launch, and let’s get you “fed” today!