Bringing Back the SEO Basics, Back to School Style


If you live in Las Vegas like we do, we sometimes forget that there are other seasons besides the scorching summer and frigid winter. Can you blame us, though, when our fall season is that short window between the end of October and beginning of November? It sort of sneaks up on us and goes away before we get a chance to enjoy the plastic leaves change colors (It’s Vegas, remember).

One indicator to look out for is the bombardment of back to school commercials and ads that flood our social media as we head towards the end of summer. (We’re looking at you, Kohls and Target.) It may not begin to cool off until October, but as a business, you need to keep blazing through all year round. So bust out your pen and paper (or iPad because who still uses paper?), and get ready to take your web marketing back to the basics, back to school style.

Back to School SEO

Stock up on Your Supplies – What Tools Are You Using?

Admit it. As a kid, you would just skim through your textbooks looking for the headlines. Why? Because they stood out to us and were easy to remember. Believe it or not, many of us still do this when scouring through the internet, meaning your web presence needs to POP out to your customers.

How do you do this you ask, person in the back of the class with their hand raised?

The answer is simple. Separate your online marketing from the other noise through catchy phrases, bold headlines, and concise points. Don’t give your customers any reason to gloss over your content. Poor grammar and irrelevant languagecan be a sure-fire way to ensure you get backspaced from their views.

Watch your profanity and grammar for basic online SEO

Like we said before, people are just looking for the main points to stand out. They do not want to be flooded or bored with generic headlines (Ain’t nobody got time for that).

Aint no one got time for good seo strategies

Did You Catch Those Back to School Sales – What Are You Promoting?

When it comes to your digital marketing and SEO, you are not only fighting for conversion rates but also for the top placements among your competitors. You are looking to make a lasting impression when it comes to your web presence marketing and one way to accomplish this is to look to your competitors. Companies such as Pepsi and Coca-Cola dominate the non-alcoholic beverage industry and are constantly looking for ways to stay ahead in their respective fields.

Not only do you need to promote services or products that your competitors offer but also come up with ways to improve on them or make your brand stand out as the better option.

First Day of School Outfit – What Trends Are out There?

Your online branding needs to reflect the times you reside. (Unless you’re a timelord, then be a timelord.) Make sure that all profile images, cover photos, blog topics and blog images are timely and generate some sort of interest and look into your brand, search engine optimized obviously.

Continuously updating your web presence allows you to stay current and credible to your customers. Plus, it shows that you pay attention to what your customers look for. Are they searching for back to school sales? Your content strategy needs to adapt accordingly. If you see a company that has not posted any content for months or still displaying their holiday photo in June, then you are more likely to take your business elsewhere.

Your first impression counts, even online, so show up to school (search engines) wearing the latest outfits.

Now that summer is rapidly coming to an end and fall is right around the corner, it is time to wake up your SEO and gear in for a great season of sales.

First day of school with Finding Nemo and marketing strategies.

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