You May Need a Web Presence Marketing Company If…

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Traditional marketing is old news. More and more companies are switching their efforts to digital marketing tactics. And for good reason—there are over three billion Internet users across the globe and most people go to the Internet (sometimes specifically social media) to find products and services they need. If you don’t know how to create an online presence for your business yet, you’re kind of SOL, son. Internet users will not use your service—heck, they may not even find you in the first place. Here are some glaring signs that you may need a web presence marketing company to do all the dirty work for you.

You May Need a Web Presence Marketing Company If…

You can’t find your website when you Google YOUR BUSINESS’S NAME.

Google yourself. Just do it. Do you show up anywhere in the results? If not, you may need to contact a web presence marketing company for help.

You may also need help if:

  • You have no backlinking strategy. (Wait, what is a backlink strategy?)Dwight seo
  • You’re like Dwight K. Schrute when it comes to technological advancements.
  • You haven’t sold a single product from your online store in over three months.
  • You have cat videos on your website instead of informational videos about your product.
  • Google Analytics scares you, so you ignore your website’s data.
  • You don’t know who your target audience is, so you market to everybody.
  • You have no visible contact information on your website.
  • You’re still buying ads in the newspaper.
  • You haven’t updated (or fixed) your website since 2007.

You have no quality content on your website.

Content is king. We know it, and you should, too. You may need help with your online presence if you haven’t given the Google Bots anything substantial to “read.”

You may also need help from a web presence marketing company if:

  • Your “blogs” are only 100 words long and feature no target keywords.
  • No one can figure out what you sell when they look at your website.
  • Your web pages are crawling with grammatical errors and typos.
  • You get overwhelmed thinking about the idea of posting blogs every week.

Your only followers on social media are you and your mom.

You need more people following you on social media. Or else, your shared content won’t reach anyone in your target audience.

Here are some more signs you may need help with social media:

  • You don’t engage with your followers when they like and comment on your stuff.
  • Your business doesn’t even have a Facebook page.
  • You’re following your friends from high school on Twitter, instead of experts in your field.
  • You own a restaurant but aren’t posting pictures of your dishes on Instagram.
  • You haven’t set up a Google My Business page.
  • Your social profiles aren’t optimized with your contact info, like your website address.
  • #You use #hashtags excessively in your #socialmedia posts. #Twitter #LikeMyStatus #Awesome #FollowFriday

Digital Marketing at Its Best

Let us here at Post Launch teach you why web presence is so important. It makes a great deal of difference when it comes to finding new customers to buy your product or service. Contact us today to find out more about online presence management.

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