What’s Your Damage? How to Evaluate Your Content Marketing

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Marketing, when done correctly, involves strategy, execution, and evaluation. Without one or more of these requirements, any marketing campaign is doomed to fail. Content marketing warrants the same rigorous requirements to ensure success.

Content marketing is more than just writing a few blogs a month, with no regard to strategy, execution or performance. And performance must constantly be evaluated to learn what is working and what is not working in any given content marketing campaign. So how do you evaluate your content marketing campaign and make sure it reaches maximum potential? Check out the following tips and start evaluating your content marketing campaigns today.

How to Evaluate Content Marketing

Use Google Analytics

This is the first tip to remember because it is the most important. If you do only one thing after reading this blog post, it should be to connect Google Analytics to your business website and start analyzing the numbers. Are certain blog posts performing better on Google Analytics? Create similar posts in the future. Is your website attracting new visitors from posting content on social media? Analyze these and other Google Analytics measurements to start getting a clearer picture on how your content marketing is performing online.

Use social media analytics

Google is not the only tool you can use to find out how your content is performing. Social media platforms, which are where you should be sharing all your content from your content marketing campaign, have excellent analytics tools as well (although some are better than others). Facebook probably has the most robust analytics tools of all social platforms. However, you can find data from Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram, too. Using social media analytics will help figure out which content is the most popular on social media, and which factors affect this popularity (including image used, time posted, hashtags used, etc.).

Ask yourself how valuable your content is for your audience

Now is the time to get real. Ask yourself how interesting and valuable your content really is. Is it something you would want to read? If not, it’s probably not something your audience wants to read either. Content marketing is a fine balance of writing interesting and valuable content for your users and writing keyword rich and SEO friendly content for the Google Bots. The best balance is when you can combine both methods into a single blog post, and provide value to both users and search engines.

Make content is SEO friendly

You’ve already asked yourself how valuable your content is for your audience. Now you need to evaluate how SEO friendly it is for Google and other search engines. Content marketing campaigns that effectively raise your website in the Google ranks include the following pieces:

  • Keywords in the title, headings, and throughout the body
  • Headings used throughout the article to break up content
  • High-quality image used in the blog and as the main image
  • Meta tag and alt tag descriptions added to the blog and image descriptions
  • Blog is at least 300 words long

Wondering if your content marketing campaign is working? Or, if you are just wasting time writing words? Follow these basic content marketing evaluation tips to get started. Dig a little deeper and determine if your website traffic is better after beginning your content marketing strategy, and if there are any content pieces that did particularly worse or better than others.

If you are struggling to dive into the data, want more advice on how to evaluate your content marketing, or want a report on all your online marketing efforts, Post Launch gets down and dirty in the data and can do the content marketing tango for you. We can help you get clarity on the marketing strategies that are and are not working, and how to improve your overall web marketing presence.

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