Monthly Marketing Tips: Feeding Your Consumers the Yummiest Content

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When creating content for your target audience, you’ve got to create content that’s both readable and rankable. But is it enough to just feed the ever-hungry Google search engine its delicious keywords? Well, of course not—we could just end this blog right here if that were the case. But we won’t, because that wouldn’t be good storytelling. And if you’ve learned anything from us, it’s that a little bit of storytelling is something every consumer craves. So this Memorial day, light up the grill and have a BBQ, because we’re about to give you some content marketing tips to truly make your content yummy, scrumptious, and finger-lickin’ delish!

Content Marketing Tips: How to Write Delicious Content

Before you start developing your content marketing strategy, you’ve got to figure out who your target audience is and what type of content they want. These companies pretty much have their consumers down. Knowing your consumers is the first step, but it goes without saying with these content marketing tips.

Create a sense of excitement

When we say “storytelling,” we’re not asking you to write a novel—but it wouldn’t hurt to add a little fantasy. After all, it’s good to entice your consumers enough to at least get a click from them. But in an online world overflowing with information, this can sometimes get challenging. How do you get your consumers to engage?

Excite them.

Creating a story with online content is more about taking the user on a personal journey. You can do that with effective and exciting content.

A good emotional tug won’t hurt. In fact, it’s been proven that a positive feeling-inducing ad or video is a sure fire way to get your audience to stick around. Make them laugh, get them excited about a product, and throw in a GIF of a puppy that’s falling asleep and can’t keep its head up just for good measure. Once they’re joyous and entertained by your content, you won’t be able to get rid of them.


Give consumers exactly what they want

Obviously, the best content for consumers is the content that resonates with them again and again. It won’t happen all at once, figuring out what an audience likes and what they don’t like. There are different ways to write about a single topic and, depending on your voice or brand, consumers will like certain things more than other things.

Let’s say we write a Buzzfeed-style list of stuff and then we make an infographic about the same stuff, and the infographic gets more likes and interactions. We should learn from this data and probably make more infographics, right?

Also, posting content on social media can give you a hint as to how your audience is receiving your content. It’s the easiest way to tell if they like it or not. Users are free to comment, like, and share all they want with no inhibitions. Learn from these interactions.

Make more videos

Speaking of giving your consumers exactly what they want, we already know they want videos. Before we go on and explain how humans are visual creatures and videos are the best, Cisco predicted that by 2020, 80% of all consumer Internet traffic will be video. Comparing to the current year of 60%, that’s a huge jump in a short time. What that means is that people are more and more realizing that video is way more accessible than just words.

When it comes to making videos, follow these content marketing tips and just have fun with it. Add a little spice to it—humor is always a safe bet (unless you’re just not funny, which would be unfortunate). Keep it short, though. Videos can run dry rather fast, so grab their attention within the first 10 seconds or you might lose them. Keep them in mind while you entertain and inform. Your consumers will eat it up like a sweet and tangy BBQ brisket.

Use the #

It’s called a hashtag. It’s a cool new thing that not many people know about. Just put one of those in front of your target keywords on Twitter or Facebook. This way, people can find your posts much more easily. By broadening your reach, you will receive more views. Using them automatically adds your Tweet or Facebook or Instagram post to an online conversation about the topic.

This tip makes it yummier for a search engine and people searching for the content. Use hashtags on appropriate keywords and small phrases. Using a hashtag on Twitter makes your post 21% more visible and engaging.

Topical content gets views

Speaking of hashtags, have you ever seen the trending section of Twitter? It allows you to see a popular—sometimes messy—conversation of topics and current events. You may also notice that they do not always pertain to what is actually happening in the world. People often Tweet with ranking hashtags to include something funny or maybe only semi-relevant content. Yet, the likes and the retweets start stacking up.

It really isn’t a bad idea to be a bit relevant or topical. Write content about something that reflects or plays off of a current event; this type of content tends to get people’s attention, especially if it’s clever. Because that’s all you’re really doing: grabbing people’s attention. That attention is deserved if followed by content worth viewing, and if you followed these content marketing tips, that shouldn’t be a problem.

Just be careful when being topical to not be too political. You don’t want to create a divide in your audience.

Be an interactive content piece

There’s nothing more fun than a brand that talks back. You represent your brand, your product, your company; you must uphold a professional and authoritative demeanor.

That doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with your audience, though.

By representing a brand, you are constantly informing your audience about your product. If your audience has questions, answer them. All of them. Even the goofy ones. If you go to a popular brand’s Facebook page (Wal-Mart, McDonald’s, Disney, etc.), you’ll see their comments are filled with questions and complaints. This is an excellent opportunity to extend some of that creativity and wit, while simultaneously being informative and professional. After all, your social media is your owned media—use it to your advantage. Take these brands for example.

Just give the people what they want.

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