All Hail King Content! Why His Majesty Content Rules the Realm of Digital Marketing

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If you had to narrow down the single most important aspect of digital marketing and SEO, what would it be? If you don’t know, despite it being in the title, no worries. It’s this:


Rich, creamy, delicious, sexy content, with half the fat and calories of other generic brands. Content is so important to digital marketing and SEO, it’s been hailed as the king. And it is best to have the king on your side.

Don’t believe us? We’ve comprised a list of reasons why you should respect the king and how the king can help your business and brand.

5 Reasons Content is King in Digital Marketing

Ramps Your SEO

In a quick and dirty explanation on how the internet machine works, whenever you post anything online, search engines like Google eat it up. They analyze every word you wrote and categorize it in the virtual realm. So, when you type into a search engine “best spicy tacos in las vegas,” the results come from how well-crafted and relevant the content is.

This is the goal of content in digital marketing. Posting high quality, authentic content with naturally placed keywords on your website or blog boosts your SEO. The more consistently you do this, the more relevant Google will judge your page and rank it closer to the first page.

Acts as the Mediator Between Businesses, Clients and Google Bots

Marketing is any type of communication between a business and client. This includes anything from telling someone about your business to cranking out a blog on WordPress. Digital marketing is slightly different.

SEO adds a third party in the mix, which are search engines like Google. This makes your website, social media and blog content powerful marketing tools.

Content acts as a mediator when considering the relationship between the parties. Businesses want clients and to expand their brand. Google wants data. Clients want services, products and assurance their getting the best deal. By posting excellent content, businesses feed the Google bots, who will provide the content to clients, linking them back to the business.

Sets the Company Tone

While we already mentioned why having high quality, keyword rich content for search engines helps your SEO, having excellent content serve another important function to clients.

Content is what clients use to judge your brand. Even if your business provides the best product or service, poorly written content on your business website will damage your reputation.

By tone, we don’t mean you can’t write content in a relaxed and casual voice. If that were the case, we wouldn’t be the Post Launch you know today. What we mean is post content that is clear and has intention.

When you write carefully crafted and informational content, people will view you as an authority. This makes them trust your brand. Going further, this engages current clients and attracts prospective clients.

Value to Your Brand

Consider what ever made a salesperson make you buy something. Did they shove it in your hand and order you to buy it? Or, did they explain what it is, what it does, what it can do for you and why it is better when compared to other things?

Data and relating to someone are a salesperson’s powerful tools (…unless they are really, really attractive). Content is different from a salesperson, however. While content includes data and context, onsite content doesn’t have the same pressure as a salesperson watching over you. Rather, it is advertorial. It states what it is and gives you the option to buy if you want.

If the content is engaging enough and mixed together with your business’s authority, clients will trust bringing their business to you.

Increases Traffic

So, let’s say you’ve done it. You initiated posting consistent high quality and engaging content to feed the Google Bots and inform clients on your brand. While it takes time, eventually your business will bump up in the search engine ranks and current clients who trust your brand will tell others.

A search engine like Google will bump your rank higher on their page, providing more exposure to clients. Meanwhile, current clients will recommend your service to other people, and use your website, social media or blog content as their justification.

Who Runs the World? Content. —Beyonce(ish)

While we can go on about digital marketing, remember this: Content is king. And the Majesty’s reign is unchallenged.

Want to ramp up for digital marketing and search engine optimization, but don’t have the content or even know where to start? There happens to be an SEO company who can help.

Contact Post Launch and set up a free consultation.

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