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So, here’s a little fun tidbit about me: I am pretty generous when it comes to handing out my email address. I’ll sign up for a free ebook or a interesting newsletter in a heartbeat (and then proceed to ignore the influx of emails in the following weeks until I finally unsubscribe). My husband, on the other hand, is an email list Nazi. He refuses to give out his email address for just about anything. Although the latter approach is probably a bit much, many Internet users are like my husband. They want something incredibly valuable in exchange for their personal information.

That’s why it’s crucial for businesses to create engaging and useful email newsletter content. Here are some tips on creating newsletters that not only avoid the spam folder, but also get opened—and read!

The Importance of Email Marketing

Email marketing is a form of digital marketing—one that allows for a more direct, deeper connection with your audience than social media or content marketing. When you create the best email newsletters, your message is delivered right to your subscriber’s inbox. With the right tactics, you can make it feel like they’re getting a special email, written just for them (and not 999 other people).

If some of your email subscribers haven’t yet become a customer, email marketing allows you to send them a quick little reminder that you’re still there, and that your product or service is still awesome. You can keep them updated on any changes in your company or new deals they may be interested in.

Now, there are very different ways to compile email newsletter content. Some take the overly-promotional route (and get sent to the spam folder— or even trash). Others are a little more thoughtful with their approach to avoid getting trashed, and at least get an open.

Ok, then how do I stop my emails from going to spam?

Alright, so let’s get started on how to write effective email marketing content. It’s important to first think about your reputation online. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) like Google and Yahoo are developing stricter rules when it comes to how they separate and prioritize your mail. Companies need a good reputation to stay in the Inbox. ISPs will look at your domain status, previous email engagement rates, any spam complaints, and more. This history will basically determine whether or not you’ve behaved optimally with your bulk email sends.

Next, strategize ways to encourage more engagement; this includes email open rates, click-through rates, website visits, and more. Be careful when sending email newsletters to bulk lists. ISPs are now penalizing you when people don’t open your emails. Meaning, sometimes it’s better to check the engagement rate and let go of those users who no longer open and engage with your content.

Then, of course, comes quality content. Be thoughtful when creating email newsletter content. Is it something your whole list needs to hear or just a certain targeted group from the masses?

A large portion of your efforts should go into creating catchy email subject lines. If that subject doesn’t catch their eye, they’ll continue to scroll through their large heap of emails and miss out on what you have to say.

Give your newsletter a goal—what are you trying to portray or achieve with your content? What are you offering your subscribers? When you’re learning how to create a newsletter, always remember to be brief and be clear. Give your subscribers one primary call to action. Too much information could confuse them and cause them to close your email. Focus on content that gives your audience something of value; avoid being too promotional and salesy.

All the Digital Marketing You Need

Post Launch offers a variety of digital marketing services. Contact us to see how email marketing can grow your brand online.

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