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What’s your favorite social media platform? Many users—millennials in particular—will answer, “Instagram, of course!” Since its creation in 2010, or maybe even Facebook’s purchase of it in 2012, Instagram has continued to grow in popularity. For those who’ve been living under a rock the past few years, Instagram is a platform where users can share photos and videos with their loved ones. Most try to reach an artsy, hipster aesthetic with their profiles; others just post pictures of their dogs or food.

In the past year, Instagram has pretty much been releasing updates every month. (Probably because they’re trying to keep up with their story-sharing competitors over there at Snapchat.) These Instagram special features provide benefits for regular users and businesses. Many criticize Instagram for basically trying to one-up everything Snapchat is doing, but hey, people are still logging into the platform everyday—over 400 million people, to be exact. Some people even prefer Instagram to Snapchat, so who are we to argue with the big guys over there at Facebook?

Instagram Updates to Check out Right Now

If you’re a regular Instagram user, you may be a little familiar with their stories. Recently, Instagram has made it a priority to keep updating this feature to compete with Snapchat. Check out the latest Instagram updates.

Hashtag stickers in stories

Until recently, you could type hashtags directly into a story as text, Now, Instagram has given users and brands the opportunity to add a hashtag within stickers to place in your stories. Now, it’s easier for users to click on the hashtag stickers and check out posts from other users. It’s a great feature for Instagram for business, as it increases brand awareness and gets more of your followers to interact with your brand.

New selfie filters

We all love the selfie filters on Snapchat; now, Instagram has them as well. Their stories have eight filters available with glasses, animal faces, and various crowns. They even work with the Boomerang app. Using these selfie filters on your business’s stories can add personality to your brand. They’re often cute and hilarious—depending on whose face it’s attached to.

Instagram collections

Now introducing Instagram collections! Users can privately save posts into their Collections. Here, they can organize content they’d like to save and revisit at a later time. Businesses can also make use of this by saving photos from profiles for inspiration, or collect the posts that are doing great, and continuing that method of photo creation later.

Shopping within the app

Last, Instagram has released a new shopping feature within the app. It’s still in its beginning phases, but more and more businesses are starting to use this feature. Mostly, businesses in the beauty, jewelry, and clothing domain. You can tag the photo with a product description, and users can see “Shoppable” at the bottom of their mobile screen. Then, users can click the tag to see more products and prices.

Get Your Business on Instagram

If selfie filters and shoppable features don’t convince you to start your business’s profile, let these stats move you:

  • 400 million users login to the platform daily.
  • 90% of Instagram users are under 35
  • Instagram engagement is 10 times higher than Facebook and 84 times higher than Twitter.

Instagram works better at engaging with audiences than Facebook and Twitter because humans are visual creatures. We can consume visual content more easily and quickly than text. So, give in to the aesthetic, and use Instagram for business ASAP.

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