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Your daughter or brother is probably on it right now. You’re probably going to check it after you’re done reading this. What is it? Instagram. A paramount motif in delineating the Millennial Generation.

As we’ll determine here, Instagram is a social media app you use to engage your audience and increase brand awareness. What we’ll also determine is whether this social platform is the best way to utilize your resources, your marketing budget and your digital marketing efforts.

Why You Need to Care about Instagram If You Don’t Already

Statistic: Distribution of mobile Instagram users in the United States as of March 2014, by device and age | Statista
Find more statistics at Statista

According to this graph, the demographic is pretty clear: Youths rule Instagram usage. You need to care about this because if this is your customer base, this is how you reach them or see what they are interested in as consumers. You don’t see people bringing books to a casino or people looking for a slot machine in a Barnes and Noble. You don’t put your product anywhere. You put it where it will be seen. You put your services and product where people may respond to it.

(Sidebar: This is why market research is important.)

How do we determine, then, if Instagram is the right platform for your bottled air business?

How to Determine if Instagram for Business is Right for Your Business

Is your audience teenage girls?

Unless your Burberry or Target, your content is not appealing to the younger audience. No one wants pictures of the suit you’re wearing that day unless it’s your mom or your harem. Or, the suit is actually on a French Bulldog then send us that pic, bro.

When considering the “Instafamous” and the brands that rock the Instagram world, there is slew of variables to consider:

  • Industry
  • Competition
  • Audience
  • Budget

Just to name a few. Let’s talk about that last one for a second: budget. The least sexy item on the list but the most prevalent to our topic. As you talk to yourself in your office with the doors closed and the Enya blaring, asking yourself, “Should I use Instagram or Twitter to market my business?” are you admitting to yourself whether you have the resources and budget to pursue Instagram for business marketing?

One social outlet will not define your brand or business. Nor will it save your brand or business.

Before you even start to even think about Instagram for your business, stop and look at your website, the foundation to your web presence. If your website has no strategy, then it doesn’t matter how awesome your Instagram is if your followers aren’t converting.

Let’s say you did have an awesome website and even more fabtastic content marketing strategy, then can you use Instagram?

When it comes to brand awareness on Instagram, Nike takes the cake.

Statistic: Leading fashion brands ranked by number of Instagram followers as of April 2016 (in millions) | Statista
Find more statistics at Statista

Why is Nike successful in their Instagram marketing and brand awareness? Their pics and vids are legit as AF. And they have the outstanding budget for it.

Similar to content marketing, Instagram marketing has to be loud, proud, and often. 

Still unable to determine if Instagram is right for your business? Are all these rhetorical questions starting to get annoying? Can you stand just a few more?

Important Questions to Ask Yourself about Instagram for Business

  • Is your product visually appealing?
  • Do you sell cement?
  • Are you a dog adoption?

If you sell cement, it would be difficult to obtain the attention of the younger generation. Your audience is B2B. This target audience is probably older and too busy or not tech savvy enough to use Instagram.

And at the end of the day…

Marketers Still Prefer Facebook and Twitter over Instagram for Business

Infographic: How Marketers Use Social Media | Statista

You will find more statistics at Statista

Facebook and Twitter are still universal and age appropriate for most businesses. Plus, it’s a good place to start if you’re new to the SEO and web presence marketing world.

Steps to Determining When to Use Instagram

We are not questioning the power or importance of Instagram in today’s web marketing mayhem. We’re questioning your value of using Instagram before pursuing the other vital aspects to your online presence.

  • Determine your audience
  • Define your digital marketing budget
  • Consider your current website
  • Streamline your content strategy
  • Prepare your Instagram perimeters

Instead of asking why you should use Instagram for your business, ask why you shouldn’t use Instagram for your business…right now.

Post Launch Has an Instagram So We’re Hypocrites

Actually, not really. No one has called us or visited our website after seeing our stirring images of office donuts and bagels. Then why do we post photos?

Why does anyone use Instagram?

Instagram connects us to our audience. It humanizes our brand. It reminds people that we are people, too, with bodies and arms and fingers and a sense of humor and hunger. We’re NOT comprised of keyboard hands and laptop faces. Post Launch is a group of hard-working individuals making the internet and making it better.

For your business, your Instagram can have one goal until you have the Nike budget: Sharing fun.

That’s enough sappy stuff. Let’s get to the crux of the matter.

Should your business use Instagram?

At the end of the day, contemplate this: Can my business benefit from Instagram followers? If your Instagram for business isn’t bringing in the customers or conversions, focus on other social media platforms that appeal to your audience. It goes back to whether your social media marketing goals include brand awareness or conversions. Social signals are important, hence the Twitter and Facebook posting, but Instagram doesn’t bring people to your website.

Not yet. The internet is in continuous flux. Heck, there are SnapChat glasses now.

But that’s a topic for a different day.

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