Baby It’s Cold Outside. Time to Bring Your Marketing Indoors and Online.

window with decorations looking at cold weather

Baby, it’s cold outside. So stop cold-knocking on people’s doors for your marketing. It doesn’t work as well as online marketing does.

Remember the time when people would go door-to-door marketing, selling things like phone books and knives. The times have changed, my dear. We don’t even know what a phone book looks like anymore, although we are pretty familiar with Of course, we do still use knives. But seriously, do you know what your doorbell sounds like anymore? We don’t.

Cold calling used to be a necessary evil in the business world. Even before the internet existed, the only way to get your business more business was to get it out there. You can’t expect people to buy your product or service if they don’t know you exist. Right. But with the invention of the internet, and all its wonders like email and social media, cold calling and door-to-door sales represent sales techniques of the past.  

Internet Marketing Killed Cold-Calling and Door-to-Door Sales

How did internet marketing kill cold calling and door-to-door sales? There are many factors to blame for this, and together they’ve led to a decline of traditional marketing across the board. People no longer want to be advertised to everywhere they go. They want to find what they are looking for through a quick internet search. People’s increased interactions with the internet have led to a huge jump in online marketing. If you can’t be found online these days, people won’t know who you are. Why?  

Smart business and marketers know that effective marketing means swimming where the fish are. These days, the fish are online. Approximately 3.4 billion of them to be exact.

The Problem: Cold Calling and Door-to-Door Sales  

Cold calling used to be a great way to get leads. But we live in a time now where everyone knows who is calling them the second their phone starts to ring. Do you answer phone calls from unknown numbers anymore? Admit it: It’s a risk we no longer want to take. The numbers don’t lie. Forbes reports that only one in every 50 cold calls made turn into an appointment. And that doesn’t guarantee a sale. Cold calling and door-to-door sales are marketing techniques of the past. These Techniques are inefficient when you can utilize less than half that time forming an email and sending it people who are actually interested in your product or service.

The Solution: Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing provides that list of people who are interested in your product or service. Known as warm leads, inbound marketing techniques capture these people’s data so you can reach out to them after knowing that they are already interested in what you have to offer.

Instead of spending valuable resources and time that you will never get back making door-to-door sales and cold calls to people who don’t care, invest your marketing dollars in an internet marketing strategy that will help your brand reach more people than you ever thought was possible. Instead of wasting 6 hours a day in the cold going door to door, come in where it’s warm and apply a smarter marketing campaign that will get your business more reach in the same amount of time. The answer is inbound marketing, and other internet marketing strategies like social media marketing, content marketing and online ads.

Post Launch can provide you with a web presence marketing strategy that will keep you warm indoors but help you reach a worldwide audience. In other words, the web is a cold, cold place. Come into the warmth.

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