Are You Working Too Hard?

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Getting ahead in your job is a great way to move up in your career and earn brownie points. But at what point does working too hard begin having negative effects? If work starts affecting your health, well being, and quality of work, those may be signs your work intensity needs to slow down

6 Signs you’re Overworking Yourself

You’re Ahead of the Game

There’s being commended for your work efforts and there’s being avoided because you do way too much work. If you start to notice that none of your coworkers want to work with you on projects, then it may be time to slow it down.

Your work ethic and working long hours may scare some of your coworkers out of being your project ‘buddy’ and even your friend. Not every person is cut out to work so many hours.

Try and take a step back by spacing out your work, even when working on group tasks.

Social Life Who?

You work so hard you don’t even have an ounce of time for a social life anymore. In the beginning, turning down offers to go to the bar may seem easy and may seem like you still have a life, but that’s just the start of you losing your social life.

If you always put off your personal plans for work-related tasks, it’s time you took a break. Even if it’s just grabbing a quick drink after work, do it. You need to keep a healthy work-life balance before stress fatigue creeps up on you.


If you begin to notice your productivity slacking, then that might mean you are working harder and harder and don’t know how to stop. Whether you are not producing your best quality of work or you have a negative attitude – you are burnt out. 

The saying is quality of quantity, not the other way around. The only way to get yourself up and running again is to take a break from work. This won’t only help you feel better, but you’ll gain a more proactive mindset. 

Your Body Hates You

Your body will let you know when you’ve run it to its end. There are numerous ways your body will react to stress. You may gain/lose weight, have migraines or have trouble sleeping. They all have the same outcome – YOU NEED A BREAK. 

Don’t ignore your body’s signs, be proactive and take care of your body. Try and adopt a healthier lifestyle by trying a new hobby. 

Work Stays on Your Mind

You’re all work work work. If you just can’t get your mind to stop thinking about work, you need to tone it down. Are you the type to refresh your emails why at the dinner table? Or do you take your laptop everywhere you go, just in case? 

Stop thinking about work while not at work. The moment you clock out you should give your mind a break from work. Going into work with a clear mind the next day might help you see things you missed. 

Too much of anything is never good for you.

You’ve Turned into Oscar the Grouch

Work plays a big part in your mood, even if you’re not at work. You may think you’re angry at the person in front of you for not at least going the speed limit, but you’re actually mad because of your job. 

If you find yourself complaining more often than not, ask yourself if you’re exerting too much of your energy into your work. You want to enjoy your time off, not be Oscar the Grouch. 

Launch into a Better Work Life

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