9 Ways to Make Your Web Presence Marketing Blast off

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To all you digital marketing cadets, listen up. Are you interested in creating a better online presence for your business? You’re in luck. As the great web presence marketing company we are, we’d like to spill the tea on how we create an effective digital marketing campaign.

Through some light tinkering and many cups of coffee, our digital marketing task force developed the Post Launch Approach. With these nine elements, we identify online opportunities to promote a company’s product, brand, or service.

9 Ways Post Launch Helps Improve Your Web Presence 

Market research

Before we can run an efficient campaign, we need to know how search engines and audiences crawl over a page. We don’t take this step lightly. Deep analysis of a web page is crucial to setting up a successful digital marketing campaign and lasting web presence. All websites we review undergo a thorough target audience and keyword research process, which includes collecting data from your product or service market demand.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

After the market research stage, the next step is optimizing web properties, also called search engine optimization. This part of the campaign allows search engines to begin ranking a website higher in the search results. We research 100 to 20,000 keywords and longtail keyword phrases and implement them in every part of your campaign. Yeah, that’s a lot of keywords. But you need them! This includes your website’s onsite pages, social media, and business directories.

Increased visibility

Your company doesn’t have social media or business directories? You’re lucky you found us, kid. As a part of expanding online visibility, we can create, optimize, and manage online profiles to ensure accuracy and additional backlinks to the company website. Our task force lives for social media and has experience in creating the best business directories recognized by Google.

Content creation & syndication

After we complete your market research and business directory setup, we begin the next phase of the campaign. Our creative division creates and syndicates keyword-optimized content. Relative to your business’s brand, we create original blog articles, onsite pages, video blogs, video transcriptions, and press releases. For every content piece created with the proper keyword density, we then syndicate the published content through the best syndication and social platforms to further increase online visibility.

Social media marketing

Beside you, social media is the biggest voice for your web presence marketing campaign. Through primary social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, we share optimized content to engage audiences as well as advertise to specific market demands. We also have experience in creating Facebook ads and boosting special events on your profile.

Email marketing

People check their emails every day, so why not market towards it? One of Post Launch’s services is creating email marketing campaigns that help place your website and products in the inboxes of the most elusive clients. Not only is this type of marketing more subtle, it can be tailored to suit individual clients.

Campaign reports

At this stage in your web presence marketing campaign, we provide in-person or over-the-phone campaign reports, aka “Mission Reports.” Here at Post Launch, we value communication and collaboration. We want to make your vision and voice a priority. In these Mission Reports, we detail data and analytics of your ongoing campaign, reporting the improvements in your overall web presence.

Social amplification

What is social amplification? It’s a different way to approach the relationship between a business and its audience. It’s also another method of backlinking. Following the theory of reciprocity, we’ll ask some of the biggest social media influencers in your field to share your content. This brings in a larger reach to the website. In return, we offer a small gift or benefit to the influencer.

Empowering through education

One of Post Launch’s values is empowering our clients or business owners through education. Digital marketing is a new territory for many businesses, and the concepts can seem puzzling. Luckily, the Post Launch task force dedicates themselves to keeping our clients informed through every step of the campaign. We’re also starting a new Post Launch Academy to help small business get on their virtual feet.

Blast Off with the Post Launch Task Force

If you want to reap the benefits of online presence for businesses, consult with Post Launch. Our nerdy web presence marketing team can take care of this business aspect, which leaves you more time to do the things you love. Blast off with Post Launch today.

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