7 Exciting Ways to Engage Your Target Audience through Content Marketing

engaging content marketing

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls! Gather ‘round, everyone, to witness the mystifying concept of content marketing!

Did we grab your attention? Sometimes, just screaming for someone to look at your business or product is the simplest way to get their engagement, but what about all those humans on the Internet you can’t scream at? Engaging your target audience with content marketing is the Internet version of screaming and shouting about your company to get you more customers in the door.

If you aren’t familiar with content marketing—don’t fret, we aren’t going to just pine for your attention and not help you out.

What Is Content Marketing?

Are you an avid YouTube subscriber of drag queens doing their makeup or adorable puppies training to be guide dogs? You’re engaging in content marketing without even knowing it. Content marketing involves creating and spreading online material intended to spark the interest in a target audience for your business. The content can include blogs, social media posts, and even videos—anything to spark the attention of potential customers.

Want to know how to increase user engagement on your website? Use our tips to get started.

7 Techniques for Engaging Your Target Audience with Content Marketing

Apart from SEO practices and social media marketing, content marketing is one of the most critical actions you can implement to improve your online presence. In content marketing, there are countless ways you can reach your target audience. The first step is building a content marketing strategy that encourages user engagement.

Visual attention

Infographics and videos are efficient forms to captivate your customers visually. Not only are graphics easy to consume, but the visual content is also compelling. Here’s an example of an engaging infographic. Notice how colors and bold fonts are great at catching the reader’s eye. Or, you can kill two birds with one content piece by video blogging.

Relate to your peeps

Another crucial part of your user engagement strategy should be understanding who is in your audience. Sometimes, useful content is as simple as finding something you know everyone else is talking about or interested in reading. Find out what your target audience is interested in and include those trending topics in your content.

For example, Halloween is a perfect time to write some scary blogs to engage in the holiday season and tell them about your business or products at the same time. If you’re in the medical industry, look for health awareness months or holidays related to your field and get in on the hype.

Provide some industry help

Guides are fun and easy to produce, and they instantly grab the attention of your DIY audience members. This type of online content assists your users; it can also improve SEO if you do your keyword research. You can also create an instructional 101 blog to simplify your business to an audience who might not be familiar with your industry.

Create a practical list

Who doesn’t like clicking on an article which lists out all the cool things you need for your website? Listicles are the best and most interactive way to get your audience’s attention.

Similar to guides, lists are accessible to readers and convenient to create. Anyone can make a list. Not sure what we’re talking about in regards to this type of content? Try this list of reasons WordPress is King CMS for SEO.  It’s a pretty convincing list if you ask us.

Get with the #hashtag

While sometimes a hashtag is a little obnoxious (#likewhenpeoplewritesuperlonghashtags, or #too #many #random #hashtags), they actually can connect you with people interested in your industry or business.

If your company makes eyeglasses, look up the hashtag, “eyeglasses.” You’ll find a slew of individuals with their stellar eyewear, and you now have a chance to interact with them by telling them about your products. You might find someone who has been looking for glasses for a long time who can become your new customer.

Keep your social media on point

There’s no more significant turn off to a target audience than seeing an inactive business page on Facebook. If your last post was in 2013, that’s a big no-no. Updating your social media platforms weekly is a no-brainer. It shows your potential audience you are active and alive; in turn, there’s more potential for them to interact with you.

We Can Help with Some Engagement

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