5 Easy Steps to Increasing Your Social Media Presence

Social Media Scrabble

Are future clients missing out on your service because of an inactive social networking profile? Not only is search engine marketing and content marketing vital to overall web presence, but a social presence is crucial as well. Is potential clientele disregarding your product because of incomplete profiles? Below, we’ve listed five easy steps to optimize social profiles, allowing an increased online visibility.

Firstly, the question needs to be asked: Why does a business need a Facebook or Twitter profile? These primary social sharing profiles allow opportunities for leads as well as a place to syndicate your online content. These profiles give you an opportunity to communicate to your clients or customers and an opportunity for your customers to communicate with you.

Now, onto the meat of today’s topic.

Step one: Profile Images

Include quality images across all your profiles. This may seem like an obvious step, but you’d be surprised by how many people miss this simple step in increasing your social media presence. Your online social and syndication profiles should have a brand logo or a close up image of your business as a whole. Leave out any noisy, irrelevant pictures. Also, don’t overlook the cover photo. These photos are another opportunity to introduce your company’s creativity and innovation.

Step two: Your Bio

Your bio is the second most important thing to complete on your social profiles and increase your social media presence. Tell your followers about yourself and incorporate links to your website for them to find out more. Leaving this area blank relays that message, a blank slate.

Step three: Consistent Content

Post content. Again, this step may appear to be an easier increment to comprehend, but it’s difficult to maintain. Being consistent, however, is another level of posting relevant, engaging content your followers, your audience may be interested in. Find one day a week to create content and schedule it out for the rest of the week.

“Wait? Is it that easy?” Yes and no. Keep reading.

Step four: Consistent ORIGINAL Content

Create original content. This is the hard part. A lot of what exists today is recycled. What’s difficult to copy, although, is voice and tone. Find your voice as a brand and find content that you molded to embody that voice. Practice makes perfect, so implement step three, posting consistent content, until that voice is a natural sound to your audience’s ears. Make your voice stand out in a crowd of others promoting similar, if not the same, service or product.

Step five: Engage

Engage your audience. This also means listening to what your followers are saying. Which posts are they liking? Which posts get the most reach? Are those the posts the ones you should be re-creating into other equally interesting posts? Talk to your customers and be honest with them. By engaging your followers, you are reaching out to your future clientele.

Social media can be a headache. These steps are just the beginning. Post Launch helps business owners like you focus on other things so we can focus on the little details.

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