21st Century Internet Style Guide: Writing for the Reader and the Search Engine

Post Launch internet style guide

The Internet warrants style all its own.

Twins share a language only they know. Computers have a language called code. The Internet has languages comprised of memes, cat videos, and trolls. Language is the common denominator in every entity requiring communication, but language and communication need their own varying colors, designs, and dresses to make it separate and significant in the minds of the communicators and language keepers.

Language needs dressing. Languages with dressing need style.

In the vast, hilarious, dark, and wide web, language with style, a style with a standard, a style with pizzazz and structure, can make your voice, your message rise above. You need an Internet style guide to help you traverse the limitless landscape of communicating (or marketing) on the Internet.

You’ve got your content strategy, your keyword strategy. Now it’s time to suit up.

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Ultimate Style Guide for Writing for the Internet

Content, content, content, content. Content is king. Blah blah blah. That’s what you hear all day about how to start ranking in the search engines, how to increase your web presence. While this is true, this is true for everyone and a well-known truth for everyone. So content, content, content, content EVERYWHERE. It’s going to take more than just good grammar and a badass attitude to get your website and business the attention it deserves.

Unlike your professor in college, PL style is more forgiving than AP style or most guides out there. It’s a guide for creators by creators who intimately understand the real struggle of creating engaging, relevant content on the daily. They also understand the necessity of adapting an accessible language for varying audiences, industries, and personas.

That being cleared up, let’s get down and dirty with writing for the Internet.

Introduction to PL Style: Internet Style Guide

More than an alternative to AP Style or APA style, our PL Style guide is not only a standard but an actual guide. It’s not just rules, but tools. The Creative Division at Post Launch always strives to be the Arnold Schwarzeneggerest in their content creation.

This Internet style blueprint has:

What is PL Style?

Many people abide to one style or another—AP style, APA, MLA, and so forth. Some abide by a style whether they know it or not. Through our diverse background in digital marketing and beyond, the team at Post Launch labored and launched a style all our own, a style designed to better a business’s web presence.

“The Post Launch Style is the formidable modus operandi for the Internet. PL Style is definable and noticeable but adapts to the industry while abiding by SEO best practices. PL Style is grammar, voice, and so much more, optimized for the web. The Post Launch Style is for content because content rules.”

PL Style is the collection of SEO stars to improve your content constellation.

In less flamboyant flourish, PL Style is our Internet style guide.

A style guide for the Internet and all things Web Presence Marketing.

Why PL Style?

The Post Launch Style is meant for the Internet. PL Style is your go-to guide to all word things for communicating your brand across the web. Hopefully, that much is clear by now. But, why choose our particular brand of style? What makes our dress the best dress at the ball?

Because we’re extra.

The kind of extra that online success needs to get to the next level.

That, and you need a style that incorporates these elements for optimal web presence:

  • Voice
  • Grammar
  • Blog articles
  • Onsite content
  • Ad copy
  • Customer POV
  • Persona implementation
  • Sentence variation
  • And more!

PL Style was made for the Internet by Internet people, and Internet people use it.

It’s time to set the standard for online marketing.

Of course, if you can’t really notice the difference, then why use it? Because it’s not about noticing the difference, but realizing the continuous quality established by the standard.

Really, what’s the difference?

In addition to our desperate need to save the Oxford comma, PL Style is ultimately a content criterion.

Other essential differences include, but are by no means limited to, the following:

  • Titles (H2s, H3s, and H2Os)
  • Spacing (Stop double spacing after the period. Stop that right now.)
  • Proper citation (Always a must)
  • Medical voice (For our medical clients)
  • Persona development (Image or identity of a brand)
  • Inverse pyramid (Cuz you ain’t got time to read all that crap)
  • Good social post anatomy (It’s more than meeting the character count)
  • Calls-to-Action (You got to tell ‘em what to do and there are many ways to do so)

PL Style is not meant to be a rulebook. PL Style is a launch pad.

Web Presence Marketing Needs a Style Guide, Too!

PL Style is for those who make the Internet every day, clamboring away at keyboards, smartphones, and tablets to make their presence known and heard. PL Style is the communication tool to connect you with your audience, your customer, and others—just like you!

Maybe you don’t think you need a style. Maybe you think you can write as the spirit moves, but when it comes to marketing, words, content, they all require intentionality.

Because content needs to make sense to make dollars.

Our Internet style guide is free and easy to download.

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