10 Day Video Challenge

Anyone can create video blogs. A business owner or manager can record themselves talking about their business or what they find most interesting about their products or services. Whatever the case, taking time to sit in front of your computer, in front your smartphone or in front of a camera may not only help you create engaging content but create a powerful piece of online content for your website.

We challenge you to take 10 days in a row and record yourself talking about something that interests you in relation to your company or business.

Listed below are some helpful guidelines to your video blogging:

Find an interesting topic. Begin with 5 things that are interesting or 5 things that are trending. What’s going on right now? Is there a holiday or event coming up? What do you like most about your job?

Sit down. Or stand. Whatever makes you feel comfortable. Sometimes it’s easier to talk about something if you’re moving your hands around like you would if you were talking to someone.

Record from your iPhone. Record from your android, desktop, laptop, camera. Don’t fuss over the video production. Find something that’s interesting to you and talk about it easily. The productive value is not the point. The point is to create content that is convenient to create and consume.

Talk for 2 minutes on each topic that you drafted at the beginning of the process. Allow yourself to ramble and stumble on your words or behave as you would with anyone of your clients.

Upload your videos to YouTube. Once you’re finished recording the 10 videos, upload them separately to your YouTube account.

Put a paragraph description for at least each video blog. The description can be a brief summary about what the video is about.

Link those videos back to your own website. This is important because you always want people to come back to your website to find more information about your products or services.

Instead of writing 10 blogs, take those 10 videos upload them, transcribe and link back to your website or blog page. We challenge you record 10 videos of yourself engaging your audience. It’s faster and easier than sitting and doing traditional writing.

Let us know how your video challenge went on Twitter or Facebook. If you have any further questions on how to increase your rankings on Google, please contact us.

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